Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe

March 6, 2017


Five new additions to my Business Capsule Wardrobe.

Striped Cardigan | Ivory Sleeveless Blouse

Cobalt Pants | Burgundy Blouse (similar) | Black Lace Up Flats (similar)

While I was shopping for my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe I found an opportunity to update my Business Capsule wardrobe too.  When I wrote my shopping list (in this post) I had 4 items I wanted to add to my Business Capsule wardrobe (1 new outfit consisting of three pieces and 1 blouse to pair with my current trousers).  I came close to this goal and added the 5 items at the top of this post.

Here’s what I bought and why:

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She’s Got Shoes, He’s Got T-Shirts

July 10, 2016

men's t-shirt capsule wardrobe

That’s a lot of T-shirts in DH’s closet!

DH has the kind of closet that I can only dream about.  As a minimalist, his closet rods and shelves have all of the room to store the things that he needs, without everything squeezed and squished together.  Yet despite his small wardrobe, every year there is one item that creeps up in number, until the stacks are ready to fall over.  It’s the clothing item every man owns too much of—T-shirts!

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Packing For A Long Weekend

February 5, 2015

Wore on the plane.

Wore on the plane.

I’ve been traveling again, this time for a long weekend to a warmer state.  This trip was by plane, 4 days, 3 nights.  I selected a color palette of: Black, Blue, Grey and White.  By keeping the color palette mostly neutrals, I can mix and match easily if needed.  In this post I’ll show you what I wore and what I packed.

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The Power Of Three

December 18, 2014

One of the challenges when you are creating a fully functional wardrobe, is deciding how many repeats of the same item to own. Too many and I grow bored of the item really fast.  Too little and I end up with a laundry day bottleneck, unable to sport a particular outfit because the item is dirty.  But what is the ideal number of items to own?   I’ve been perusing my fall/winter capsule wardrobe and it looks like my repeat number is three.

How did I figure this out?

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The Signature Piece

December 14, 2014

A signature piece is something that the person always uses.  Often it is something you wear year round.  It could be an accessory (scarves, footwear, jewelry, sunglasses), a hairstyle, a lipstick shade, or even just a color.  If someone were asked to describe your personal style, it would be the item that they associate with “you.”

Articles often discuss signature pieces, here are a few:

At first I wanted to label my signature piece to be jeans, or boots, or blazers.  All of these items I sport often.  But although these items are worn quite often, there are times when I will deviate from them.  I won’t sport boots in our hot summers.  And I do grow tired of blazers and switch up with pullovers.  Even jeans get a mix up with varying silhouettes.

What do I do now?

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Finding Your Inspiration (Week 53)

November 9, 2014

What has helped me stay focused on reducing the size of my wardrobe over the past year—inspiration.  These daily, or weekly reminders remind me of my end goal, to own a smaller sized wardrobe filled with clothes that I not only love, but also use.  Here are two of my favorite’s:

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Clutter Creeps In Everywhere

August 21, 2014

A primary focus on Shopping Brake has been wardrobes, however, clutter can creep into a home anywhere!  One way I avoid excessive accumulation of clutter is to reevaluate everything in my home at least twice a year.  It may sound like an arduous task, however, the less I own, the easier it is to evaluate each piece.  Every time I do a clean out, I find yet more items that have managed to sneak into the home at some point after the last cull.

Inspired by How to Be Chic blog, I decided to focus on my kitchen today, which is a great place for clutter.

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Early Summer (Week 31)

June 8, 2014

Trying not to bring anymore of these home right now.

Trying not to bring anymore of these home right now.

In recent weeks, I have assembled my spring/summer capsule wardrobe, the leftover items have been purged, and a few pieces are ‘on hold’ to add in as the season progresses.  This leaves my spring/summer wardrobe set (or at least it should be) for the rest of the season.

I easily have another 3-4 months of warm weather to come.  And the stores are still carrying stock for summer, for another month or maybe even two.  So of course I see plenty of things I want to purchase.  But I’ve been trying for so long (and so hard) to purge my closet this past year, I don’t want to loose the momentum now.

Here are a few tips I’m trying out to keep myself on track and not shop for the rest of the season.

  1. I remind myself that I can do a bigger overhaul of my wardrobe next year, if I purchase less items this year.
  2. Every time I see an item I want but I cannot think of what it will replace, I put it back.
  3. I try to remix my current pieces into a new outfit combinations.
  4. I recall the goal of The DH Closet Challenge (reduce the size of my wardrobe so that I am using more of what I own, more often).
  5. I’m breaking up not shopping into smaller chunks and publicly declared to not shop for one month (I can add another month after the first month is over, baby steps).
  6. Participate in wardrobe challenges (I’ll cover my new challenge in my next post, don’t worry I’m still also doing The DH Closet Challenge).

Do you have any tips to share to keep from shopping for a given season?