Shopping Brake — The Book Is Now Available As A Paperback

August 18, 2017

Shopping Brake Book

Now available as a paperback!

Today I’m excited to announce that the book Shopping Brake: Proven tips to stop shopping wrong, and start shopping right for a wardrobe you love is now available as a paperback!

If you have ever done any of the following:

  • Stood in front of your closet and said “I have nothing to wear”
  • Bought something and then tried to hide it because you felt guilty
  • Found clothes in your closet with the tags still on
  • Looked for tips on editing and organizing your closet
  • Struggled to figure out what your personal style is
  • Become bored with your current wardrobe

This book is for you!

Filled with shopping tips, closet organization advice, and insights into the mindset of a shopaholic, Shopping Brake: Proven tips to stop shopping wrong, and start shopping right for a wardrobe you love will provide you with the tools that you need to own a wardrobe that you love.

Check out the Kindle version to read the entire introduction, as well as preview a few additional random pages.  Or grab a print version from any of the following retailers: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Createspace

Thank you for supporting the Shopping Brake Family!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 5) — Review And Final Decisions

August 7, 2017

2017 fall capsule wardrobe closet

I’ve made it to the final step to prepare my fall capsule wardrobe.  In my last post I reviewed everything I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I picked up lots of goodies during the sale, but alas, one store was not enough to complete my fall capsule wardrobe.  Today I’m going to:

  • Review the additional pieces that I bought for my fall capsule wardrobe
  • Explain what I do with hold items (as well as how many I keep on hold and for how long)
  • Crunch the numbers to see how many items I’m going to start with when I begin using this capsule

Now onto the fun!

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Now Available For Your Kindle — Shopping Brake — The Book

July 28, 2017


Shopping Brake — The Book now available on Kindle!

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the Shopping Brake Family today!

The book Shopping Brake: Proven tips to stop shopping wrong, and start shopping right for a wardrobe you love is now available for your Kindle.  This is a self-help book for 2 types of people: those trying to overcome a shopping addiction and those who wish to improve their wardrobe.  In this comprehensive how-to guide I provide real-world advice about everything related to overshopping and managing a wardrobe, including:

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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 2) — The 5 Steps To Update A Capsule Wardrobe

July 24, 2017


It’s one of my favorite times of the year—the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale—and in my last post I began my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 1).  Last time I put together an action plan for shopping the sale.  This plan focused on becoming familiar with the merchandise that is currently on sale, plugging up any wardrobe holes, and ensuring that the pieces that I buy will help me to create outfits.

So what did I order and more importantly—why?

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2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

July 13, 2017

2017 summer capsule wardrobe (3)

In my last post I began my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Check-In and discussed what was and wasn’t working over the past month.  As long-time readers of Shopping Brake already know, I’m a big fan of crunching numbers and analyzing everything.  Today I’m going to review exactly what’s inside my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe as well as what the total cost of this wardrobe is.

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe Check-In

July 10, 2017

2017 summer capsule wardrobecheck in

It’s been 1 month since I assembled my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  With only 2 months to go until the seasons in my area change again (they change roughly every 3 months) this the perfect time to check-in on how my Summer Capsule Wardrobe is doing thus far this season.  This wardrobe hit a few speed bumps over the past month, but now it’s functioning nicely.  Here’s what happened.

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Shopping Brake’s Project 40 Lifestyle Challenge

June 29, 2017


The sky is your limit.

Back in April I announced that for 2017 a lot of change was on the horizon for Shopping Brake.  Today I’m excited to announce something new for you to try—a lifestyle challenge.  Before I explain the challenge rules, first a little backstory as to why I created a lifestyle challenge when Shopping Brake has always been focused on shopping, fashion, and wardrobes.

It was summer time last year when I was driving home from work and my car pulled up alongside a red convertible sports car at a traffic light.  As I sat at the red light I couldn’t help but eyeball the car next to me.  After all, it was almost impossible to ignore this car alongside mine.  You see, this wasn’t just any red convertible sports car, it was a red Lamborghini Aventador Spyder convertible sports car.

Now while I may not be a huge lover of cars (I’d rather go shopping for clothes than automobiles), I can still appreciate a nice looking car when I see one.  Then I looked at the person driving it.  Can you guess what my first thought was once I realized that it was an elderly man and not a young adult driving that car?

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Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe

March 6, 2017


Five new additions to my Business Capsule Wardrobe.

Striped Cardigan | Ivory Sleeveless Blouse

Cobalt Pants | Burgundy Blouse (similar) | Black Lace Up Flats (similar)

While I was shopping for my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe I found an opportunity to update my Business Capsule wardrobe too.  When I wrote my shopping list (in this post) I had 4 items I wanted to add to my Business Capsule wardrobe (1 new outfit consisting of three pieces and 1 blouse to pair with my current trousers).  I came close to this goal and added the 5 items at the top of this post.

Here’s what I bought and why:

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She’s Got Shoes, He’s Got T-Shirts

July 10, 2016

men's t-shirt capsule wardrobe

That’s a lot of T-shirts in DH’s closet!

DH has the kind of closet that I can only dream about.  As a minimalist, his closet rods and shelves have all of the room to store the things that he needs, without everything squeezed and squished together.  Yet despite his small wardrobe, every year there is one item that creeps up in number, until the stacks are ready to fall over.  It’s the clothing item every man owns too much of—T-shirts!

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Packing For A Long Weekend

February 5, 2015

Wore on the plane.

Outfit for the plane.

I’ve been traveling again, this time for a long weekend to a warmer state.  This trip was by plane, 4 days, 3 nights.  I selected a color palette of: Black, Blue, Grey and White.  By keeping the color palette mostly neutrals, I can mix and match easily if needed.  In this post I’ll show you what I wore and what I packed.

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