3 Tricks For Busy Women To Get Dressed Fast

October 16, 2017

Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear.

Some days you have to get out the door in a hurry. Those are the mornings when I reach for one of my grab and go outfits. Grab and go (also called fast fall back) outfits are those outfits that I’ve put together in advance. I typically plan at least a few outfits when I set up my capsule wardrobe at the start of each season. But what if I don’t want to wear any of my re-planned outfits and I’m getting dressed in a hurry?

Here are 3 ways I get ready fast, without reaching for one of my grab and go looks.

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Easy Halloween Costumes For The Lazy Gal

October 12, 2017


Halloween costumes can be cheap and easy.

You can be sweet, scary, or sexy this Halloween without spending a lot of money or driving yourself crazy researching DIY costume ideas. In fact, the trick to putting together a simple, yet effective Halloween costume is to do the exact opposite of my advice in my last post — The Secret To Dressing Western, Without Looking Like You’re Wearing A Costume.

What is the secret for Halloween?

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The Secret To Dressing Western, Without Looking Like You’re Wearing A Costume

October 9, 2017


Photo by Misael Nevarez on Unsplash

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I adore western fashion. And I showcase this love every week by participating in #westernwednesday where I wear, yep you guessed it, western inspired clothing on Wednesday’s.

This season it appears that designers have caught on to my love of western fashion and themes of the Wild West are everywhere in the fall collections. Embroidery, fringe, suede, leather, studded details, ponchos, dusters, cowgirl hats, and of course, cowgirl boots, western clothing usually consists of statement pieces. It’s a style that is not for the timid gal.

This brought up a reader question:

“How can you do a western look without buying items that are going to be out of style in one season?

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Handy Tips For Wearing Boots And Jeans

October 5, 2017

fall boots

Fall season is boot season!

The fall season is in full swing in my area and I couldn’t be happier about it, because fall season is boot season! Pairing boots with jeans is my favorite type of outfit, and it’s a combination that I adopt every year as my fall uniform. And I’m not alone. Browse the shoe department of any retailer and the number one shoe that you’ll find in both fall (and winter) collections season after is season is, yep, you guessed it—boots!

Over the knee boots, knee high boots, midi boots, cowgirl boots, ankle booties, the options are endless when it comes to boots. And if you are a boot enthusiast like me, then you probably own more than 1 style of boot. Pairing boots with jeans sounds easy enough right? Just grab a pair of boots and some jeans and you’re done! Well, not exactly. If you’ve ever tried to tuck a pair of jeans into knee high boots only to have the jeans crunch up and rub against your ankles, or worse, puff up over the top of the boot, then you already know that there are a few tips to consider before pairing boots and jeans.

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September Recap And Favorite Outfits

September 28, 2017


Favorite outfits for September

Welcome to my monthly recap of what happened on Shopping Brake, as well as my favorite outfits from Instagram this past month.

I adore wardrobe challenges and I have not done one in a while, which made the start of the fall season the perfect time for the Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt. This challenge puts the theory that a basic white t-shirt is a versatile wardrobe item to the test. From this challenge I demonstrated 7 Stylish Ways To Wear A Plain White T-Shirt. For my personal wardrobe, a white t-shirt is a wise choice.

Remixing wardrobe basics, such as a white t-shirt, is one of 5 Budget Friendly Style Tips For Women to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the money you spend on your clothes. When to spend or save, learning how to sport quality, shopping everywhere, and taking care of your clothes with a steamer are 4 more suggestions. You can also take the 5 Budget Friendly Style Tips For Men, a guest post from Peter Minkoff, a men’s fashion writer at Gentleman Zone magazine from UK and Australia and apply it to your own wardrobe. 

With the fall season in full swing, it was time for me to do a Fall Capsule Wardrobe Check-In. My fall wardrobe started out a little too large, with a whopping 58 pieces! I culled it down to a more manageable 42 items to use for my 2017 Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

Finally, falls cooler days had me wanting to update my fall jacket. When shopping for a new jacket, I had to make an important decision, whether to Spend Or Save — Fall Jacket. The fit of the jacket lead me to pick the save option.

Now on to the outfits from my fall capsule wardrobe!

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Spend Or Save — Fall Jacket

September 25, 2017

Both jackets are photographing black, but they are really navy. Should I Spend or Save?

Falls cool days is perfect jacket weather. While my favorite fall jacket is a leather jacket (or pleather is you prefer fake), some days it’s too wet outside to wear one. That’s when I reach for a jacket that is water resistant or water proof instead.

This year it was time for me to upgrade my fall jacket. Before I shop I always decide in advance exactly what I’m looking for. I already know that I’m shifting my wardrobe into more blues, so my search was narrowed down to the following criteria: blue, lightweight, water resistant (or water proof), upper to mid thigh in length, and a zipper closure. Features I was flexible on included whether or not the jacket had a hood, and the color of the hardware. My budget was set at $200. Once I had the specifics sorted out it was time to shop. Deciding before I walk into a store what I’m looking for helps me to stay focused when I shop. I can quickly weed through the selections and avoid becoming distracted by all of the pretty things!

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2017 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

September 21, 2017

2017 fall capsule wardrobe final_intro

In my last post I began my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Check-In and discussed what was and wasn’t working over the past month. My fall wardrobe was all ready to go after I culled it down to a manageable 42 items. Until I walked into Target to buy stuff for my home, and walked out with stuff for my closet.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Check-In

September 18, 2017

2017 fall capsule wardrobe before

It’s been 1 month since I started wearing my Fall Capsule Wardrobe. Since fall is my favorite season to dress for (the colors, the layers, the boots, and let’s not forget the pumpkin well everything, yum), my fall capsule is also my favorite wardrobe capsule to work with.

However, my fall capsule wardrobe was prepped back in July and early August, and then sat unworn until now. The long delay gave me a chance to review my fall capsule wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes, and I noticed something disturbing about this capsule wardrobe.

My fall capsule wardrobe began with a staggering 58 items, yowza!  That’s a lot of clothes.

Or is it, really?

The answer depends on how often I want to wear everything in this capsule wardrobe.

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7 Stylish Ways To Wear A Plain White T-Shirt

September 11, 2017


It’s been 1 week since I started the Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt and now it’s time to find out what happened during this wardrobe challenge!

Overall this challenge went really well. It was a great reminder of just how versatile a wardrobe basic can be, especially something as simple as a plain white t-shirt. But before I review the outfits, a few of observations first.

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Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt

September 4, 2017

white t-shirt and jeans

Have you ever grabbed a white t-shirt and jeans, then wondered how to wear them?

I’m kicking off the fall season with a new wardrobe challenge—The Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt. I enjoy wardrobe challenges because they keep my wardrobe feeling fresh and new, while also making sure that I “think outside the box” of my standard outfit formulas.

A white t-shirt is often cited as being one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to own. This challenge puts that theory to the test.  Is a white t-shirt really as versatile as the experts say?  And more importantly, is a white t-shirt really versatile for my personal wardrobe? Just because the experts say it’s good, doesn’t always mean that the item in question is the right choice for me.

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