What To Look For When Buying Workout Pants

April 24, 2017

workout pants

Both pants are printed, but only 1 is good for weight lifting.

Wearing the right workout clothing can make or break your workout.  Cycling, yoga, running, weight lifting, each of these activities has a different need to consider.  Cycling pants are most comfortable when the material has vents and moisture wicking properties and the fit is tight so as not to get caught on pedals.  Yoga pants require stretch and to fit close to the body along with a waistband that will stay in place when performing poses.  Running pants should have a snug fit, moisture wicking properties, and reflective marks to be seen when on the road.

Then there’s my personal favorite type of pants to shop for—weight lifting.  And as with other activities, pants for weight lifting have special needs to consider.  If you go to the gym sooner or later you’ll see what I’m talking about.  A girl is wearing a pair of pants that look great when she walks around but when she does squats, lunges, or any other bending and lifting move all you see is her thong—eek!

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Just Like New

September 25, 2016


My 6 year old steamer.

One of the things that I adore about new clothes, is the new clothes look and feel.  The colors are bright, the materials are not pilled (or stained, or torn), and there are no wrinkles!  After I wash something, it is just never the same as when it was purchased new.  And sometimes, that desire for something new, spurs me to want to shop.  Until I discovered steaming my clothes.

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A Sign It’s Time To Purge

September 17, 2015

After recently overhauling the jeans in my wardrobe and updating my fall/winter capsule, I began to think.

“When do you know it is time to purge clothes?”

What a great question!  I’ve used a variety of methods to tell myself when to purge:

But my favorite, is also an easy one.

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