Black Friday Alternatives

November 26, 2015

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  As Black Friday has grown in popularity, the hours to shop have expanded, while the savings to your wallet have decreased in size.  Some people would even argue that Black Friday itself is no longer the day to shop.  One should wait for Saturday or even Cyber Monday instead.

While retailers have been working hard trying to entice people to shop til they drop over the next 4 days, I’ve been working hard on a different objective—what I’m going to do instead of shopping.

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Black Friday Creep

November 22, 2015

“Creep” is when something slowly and carefully moves.  You’ll hear me mention the term “wardrobe creep” for those times when my wardrobe total has increased slowly over time without my conscious knowledge.  I’ve noticed the same trend for Black Friday sales, thus the term “Black Friday Creep.”  The start of the holiday shopping season has slowly crept up in date over the years.

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Black Friday Challenge

November 27, 2014

These sweaters have been 50% and 30% off within the same week.

These sweaters have been 50% and 30% off within the same week.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which means that tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.  And while Black Friday is now a day of excitement for millions of people, as they get a start on their holiday shopping, this was not always the case.  It’s only in recent times that Black Friday has turned into a marketing powerhouse for retailers.

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