Work Travel Capsule For Summer

(This is a photo heavy post.)

June 22, 2017

If you’re following me on Instagram then you already know that I recently went on a 5 day, 4 night trip by plane for work.  As a seasoned traveler I rarely use more than 1 checked bag for a business trip, even when it requires multiple outfit changes throughout the day.  Here’s what I packed for 4 days of meetings require a business professional dress code (bring on the suits) and outfits for squeezing in a little sightseeing in between meetings (bring on the jeans!)  I’ll discuss how I put together my work travel capsule.

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3 Ways To Restyle A Wedding Guest Dress

June 12, 2017


The summer months are a popular time of year for weddings, parties, dates, and galas. This can only mean one thing, finding a dress for all of these special occasions!  But what are you supposed to do with your new dress after the special event?

For myself, the dress would typically be found inside it’s garment bag shoved to the back of my closet.  Or maybe even in a separate closet other than my daily closet.  Regardless of where it was stored, the simple fact remained, after the special event my new dress always sat unworn.

But not anymore.

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Prepping A Summer Capsule Wardrobe (Part 3)

June 8, 2017

summer capsule wardrobe closet

This is part 3 of a 3-part series where I am preparing my summer capsule wardrobe.  Here’s an overview of how I’ll work through this process:

  1. Part One I’ll review, edit, and shop my closet for my summer capsule wardrobe
  2. Part Two I’ll write my shopping list and go shopping for my summer capsule wardrobe
  3. Part Three I’ll review what’s in this capsule wardrobe and pre-plan how to wear some of the new things I’ve added to my summer capsule wardrobe

Now onto the fun!

Part Three-Review Your Capsule & Plan Your Outfits

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10 Essentials For A Casual Summer Wardrobe

May 25, 2017


One of the best things about when the season’s change is that I get to create a new capsule wardrobe.  To begin my capsule wardrobe, I always like to include a core group of pieces, they are the items that my wardrobe can’t function without.  Here’s my personal list of 10 items I must have in my casual summer capsule wardrobe, along with the reason why I’ve picked each item.

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Floral Blazer Outfits For Spring

May 18, 2017

floral blazer for spring_02

One item in my wardrobe that has been working hard this spring season is my floral print blazer.  The fun print combined with a lighter weight material has made this piece a go to item for my spring outfits.  If you own a floral print blazer, here are 6 outfit options you may want to try out for yourself.

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Spend or Save — Floral Print Blazer

May 4, 2017


When I think of spring fashion one of the first things that comes to mind is floral prints.  A floral print blazer was one of my workhorse items from my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Check-In.  If you’re interested in trying out a floral print blazer for your spring capsule wardrobe I’ve presented 2 options—Spend or Save.

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Spend Or Save — Denim Jacket

April 17, 2017


A denim jacket is one of my Top 10 Must Have’s For A Casual Spring Wardrobe.  I’ve been sporting the outfit combination of a blue denim jacket paired with a white t-shirt and black jeans for years.  It’s a favorite combination of mine because this outfit provides the comfort of a t-shirt and jeans outfit worn on the weekends, while also looking put together enough for a casual office environment during the week.  And I’m not alone.

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Easter Outfits

April 10, 2017


Floral Print Dress | Light Pink Lace Dress

Floral Print Blazer | Floral Print Jeans | Blush Blazer | Blush Mules |Blush Trousers

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday in the United States which brings with it 1 very important question—what are you going to where for Easter?  As with any holiday you have 2 options: “going all in” or “a gentle touch.”

Sporting a new dress on Easter Sunday is the classic outfit for this holiday.  While any style and pattern of dress will do, the most common Easter dresses are typically floral prints or pastel colors.  If you’re interested in “going all in” for Easter Sunday, a dress is the perfect choice.

But what if you’re like me?  I’m not a dress gal, at all.  In fact, my current wardrobe doesn’t have even one-single-dress.  So what’s a gal like me to do for an Easter Sunday outfit?

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Top 10 Must Have’s For A Casual Spring Wardrobe

March 27, 2017

top ten spring wardrobe must have

My top 10 must have’s for a casual spring capsule wardrobe.

What do you do when you want to update your capsule wardrobe but you don’t like any of the latest trends?  Easy.  Ignore them all and make your own!  To help you with assembling your spring wardrobe, here’s my personal list of Top 10 Must Have’s for a Casual Spring Wardrobe, along with the reason why I’ve picked each item.

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St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

March 17, 2017


Today is St. Patrick’s Day in the US and if you are thinking about dressing for the holiday today you have 2 options; “going all in” or “a gentle touch.”  The 2 outfits on the top are examples of “going all in.”  The first outfit is the ultimate example of “going all in” when dressing for a holiday because it’s a costume!  The fun top in outfit #2 is another strong nod to the holiday.  The 2 outfits on the bottom are examples of “a gentle touch.”  Both outfits have colors that align to the holiday, without the bold patterns and prints of the first 2 options.

How do you pick which outfit to wear?

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