What To Wear For A Long Day Of Shopping

March 26, 2020

photo of woman holding her phone

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

If you’re going out shopping for your spring wardrobe (or any season really) and you know it’s going to be a marathon long shopping session, you’ll want to make sure that you’re dressed for it. Wearing the right (or wrong outfit) can make a huge impact on your shopping experience. Wear the wrong outfit and you’ll end up frustrated, get slowed down when trying things on (or you may not even bother try things on—because it’s just too difficult to do so), and you’ll be forced into overspending and making snap judgments because you just want to be done with it all.

If you wear the right outfit, trying on clothes will be faster, you’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll be able to focus on what you are buying and your shopping goals (and budget).

Here’s what you should wear during a long day of shopping:

Slip On Shoes


Gap Espadrille Slip-Ons

You’ll want to avoid shoes that lace up, as well as boots and anything with complicated straps, buttons, or zippers. Instead you’ll want something that is easy to slip on, like a mule, ballet flat, or slip on sneaker.

Tank Top (Close Fitted T-Shirt)

tank top

Gap Modern Tank Top

Tops with fussy necklines, button down shirts, or tops and blouses with delicate materials that require care to take on and off are a big no-no. You want something light and easy to throw on and off. And if it’s warm enough to sport a tank, you may not even need to take the top off, you can simply slip most tops over a tank top (or close fitted t-shirt), that can save you the hassle of even going into the fitting room to try something on.

Pull On Pants


Gap Utility Joggers

Nothing is more annoying than having to constantly shimmy in and out of a pair of skinny jeans (or tights, or leggings) when trying things on. Save yourself the hassle by sporting a pair of pull-on pants instead.



Gap Open V-Back Cardigan

If you need to keep warm, a cardigan is best. You don’t have to pull it over your head and worry about static cling, and there’s no zippers or buttons to mess around with. Cardigans slip on and off easily and will keep you warm and toasty.

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