5 Steps To Switch Up Your Style

February 27, 2020

Photo by John Nyberg from FreeImages

Uncovering your true style increases confidence and makes shopping and getting ready easier, and faster. When you present yourself to the world in a way that you want to be seen—in a manner that is aligned with your true style—everything changes. How you walk. The way you speak. How you hold your posture, the list goes on and on. These changes stem from a place of increased self-confidence. When you think you look good, you feel good, and that feeling manifests in how you interact with the outside world.


Updating your clothes and your look so that it fits in your life at its current stage is a crucial step towards achieving inner happiness. And knowing your look makes shopping and getting ready easier too. You’ll know what fits your needs when you shop, and your closet won’t have a schizophrenic wardrobe of things that don’t go together, or won’t work for your current lifestyle.

If you’re looking to switch up your style, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Remix and Replace. Not many people have the budge to simply toss everything and start over to rebuild their wardrobe. And some people may simply not know what they want to replace everything with yet. That’s where remixing and replacing come into play. By remixing items you already own into new combinations, you’ll learn what you do and don’t like. Replacing can also start small, maybe swap a black top for a white one, and see if you like the lighter look. If you do, next time you shop, replace your black top with a lighter neutral, which brings me to step two.
  2. Chose Another Dark Neutral. Black is a classic neutral for a reason, it goes well with everything. But just because black pairs well in an outfit, doesn’t mean that it is the right dark neutral for you. Dark blue/navy, dark grey, chocolate brown, even dark olive are all neutrals that can help ground an outfit with a dark color, without using black. If you want to make a change with your personal style, stop buying the same dark neutral (usually black) all of the time, switch it up. Speaking of switching it up, check out step three.
  3. No More [Insert Option] Purchases. It is very easy for shopping to become routine, especially if you’ve worn the same style for years. To switch it up, you’ll have to put a shopping ban on your tried and true items from the past. If you’ve always worn a blazer with jeans, the next time you want to buy a blazer, pick up a cardigan instead. You’ll still get a layered look, but it will be a bit softer in tone. If you always buy a sweatshirt to wear with leggings, try a tunic sweater instead. The sweater will polish up your look, but still keep the casual vibe because it’s paired with leggings.
  4. Find Your Basics. Successful wardrobes have a core of items that help to ground a look. Bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, jogger pants, tailored trousers, any one of these items can be a core item, but they can be worn in a multitude of different ways depending on the person’s personal style. Deciding what your core basics are, gives you a selection of items that become your go-to pieces. They become the essential player in your daily looks and often become part of a person’s signature style.
  5. Be Patient. Changing one’s personal style is a long-term process, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, discipline, and money to change your personal style into something new that you will love. Understanding your lifestyle needs as well as what colors, patterns, silhouettes, and looks you enjoy best takes time to research, try for yourself, and decide if it will work for you or not. But if you put in the work, and remain patient, at the end of your journey you’ll have crafted a new personal style for yourself that you will love.

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