Why I Own 3 Pairs Of Shoes, All In The Same Color

May 3, 2019

Rockport Caroline Waterproof Boot | Me Too Audra Loafer Flat | BP. Gabby Woven Wedge Sandal

Footwear is one of the bulkiest items in a wardrobe, whether it be when packing a suitcase or storing inside your closet. Sticking to neutral colored shoes—black, brown, grey, navy, tan, beige—is one of the easiest ways to keep a wardrobe small and cohesive. When you select one neutral color shoe that works well with everything, you eliminate having to think about what to wear, at least when it comes to your footwear.

That’s why I own 3 pairs of shoes, all in the same color—black. Yes, I do own other colored shoes, but over the years I’ve streamlined my footwear and begun to duplicate the neutrals, with black being the dominant color. I choose black because black is a common core color, which makes shopping for black shoes easy, you’ll see black in every season’s collection. It’s also a classic color, which works well with my personal wardrobe style.

Owning black shoes, one style for each season, really comes in handy during the transition periods, such as spring time. In my area, one day the high is 75F, the next it’ll only go up to 50F. The one constant, is how cold the day starts out, which means that my outfits often need layers that can handle keeping me comfortable regardless of how high the temperature climbs that particular day. The big swings in temperature usually have me reaching for pieces across the seasons. By repeating black footwear, I’m able to mix the items in my wardrobe easily. I can pair a black winter cardigan for warmth when it’s cold in the morning, with a light colored spring blouse, and depending on how warm it will become that day select any one of my 3 pairs of black footwear to complete my outfit, because all options will work. This allows me to dress based on the weather, without going crazy trying to figure out what to wear.

How I picked my 3 pairs of black footwear:

  • Rockport Caroline Waterproof Boot – These boots are waterproof, which makes them ideal for not only the cold snowy days of winter, but also the cold and wet rainy days of spring. The low shaft height makes them ideal for wearing these with either bootcut jeans or tucked into skinny jeans.
  • Me Too Audra Loafer Flat  – Loafer flats are a fun twist on flat footwear, and a nice change from a ballet flat with a rounded toe. The pointy toe on these extends the leg line, ideal for pairing with pants or jeans with a flared hem. This style also pairs well with skinny jeans.
  • BP. Gabby Woven Wedge Sandal – Platform, wedge, and woven, are 3 features I associate with summer footwear. On the warmest spring days I’ll pair these sandals with my outfit to give my feet a chance to breathe.

And, here’s an example.

Halogen Long Cardigan | Vince Camuto Blouse | Paige Hoxton High Waist Skinny Jeans | Rockport Caroline Waterproof Boot | Me Too Audra Loafer Flat | BP. Gabby Woven Wedge Sandal

This outfit can be worn on any spring day, the cardigan adds warmth if it’s cold, the blouse is light and airy if and when the temperature rises, and no matter which footwear I pick—boots when it’s rainy, loafer flats when it’s mild, sandals when it’s warm—I own a pair of shoes that pair well with this look.

3 pairs of shoes, all in the same color, makes dressing in the morning based on crazy, inconsistent changing temperatures from one day to the next, easy peasey.

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