January No Spend Challenge — Four Week Check-In

January 28, 2019

shopping woman

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

I’m heading into the fourth and final week of the January No Spend Challenge, where for the month of January I’m trying to only shop for the essentials and nothing else. For the rules of the challenge, check out this post.

Week three was rather uneventful, in fact, I didn’t even do a check-in because nothing happened. But now that I’m at the home stretch, and have only a few days left until I can shop, the temptation to do so is stronger than ever. Everywhere I look I feel like there’s something on sale that I want to buy.

The things I did in week three worked very well and I plan to continue these activities to get me through week four:

Cook more. My area is in the heart of winter, which makes it the perfect time of year to stay in, heat up the house, and eat comfort foods. I recently made short ribs with corn dumplings and a chicken pot pie, both are dishes that take time to make. But since I’m home and not in the stores, I have the time to do so. Next on my cooking list is to make a roast, banana walnut pancakes, and a bundt cake, all from scratch of course.

Tidy up, everything. I clean my home on a bi-weekly basis, but rarely do more than the basics (vacuum, dust, spot cleaning). With my extra time, I’ve been able to do some spring cleaning—early. No closet, cabinet, cupboard, or drawer has escaped the wrath of my cleaning frenzy. The added level of tidyness has given me a sense of order, and cleared out unnecessary clutter from my life. Plus, when spring time rolls around, now I’ll be free to go outside instead of cleaning my home. On my to do list this week, is tackling all of those papers that pile up. Catalogs, owner manuals, receipts, statements, stubs from bills, a message to all of the random papers in my house, beware, the purge is coming.

Writing my next book. Developing a book is a long process with a lot steps, and it requires an author to be both patient and diligent. It’s similar to climbing up a mountain or running a marathon, it doesn’t get done overnight, you have to pace yourself. I try to spend a little time every single day on writing, re-writing, and then re-writing some more, until my latest manuscript is shaped into a shiny new masterpiece ready for publication and distribution.

Map out a yearly plan. With almost one month of the new year done, and 11 more to go, this is a great time to figure out what I want my yearly plan to be. Places to visit, sights to see, events to attend, I’m mapping out my year now. I’ve been researching bike trials for the spring, beaches and concerts to go to for the summer, and where to visit for vacation come fall. Planning out what to do and when, months ahead of time, enables me to spend the time doing my research and make informed choices that will keep me on budget and making sure I don’t miss out on anything fun.

And, I decided to challenge myself, and extend the No Spend Challenge for a few more weeks.

How long will I last?

Only time will tell.

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