January No Spend Challenge — One Week Check-In

January 9, 2019

For the month of January I’m doing a no spend challenge. For the entire month, I’m trying to only shop for the essentials and nothing else. For the rules of the challenge, check out this post.

Here’s how I did for the first week.

I’ve mostly been able to stick to my goal of only shopping for the essentials, except for last Saturday when I got my hair done. I’d actually forgotten about the appointment until the salon called to confirm, and I almost canceled it, because haircuts don’t fit under the rules of the challenge.

But I didn’t.


Last year, I never went to the hair salon, not even once. That’s right, not a single visit. No cuts, no coloring, no highlighting, nothing, for the ENTIRE YEAR. In the past I was devoted to my appointments, and colored, cut, and highlighted my very long, very blonde hair, religiously.

Except last year, I decided to finally give up the dye and grow out my grey.

I spent the entire year avoiding the salon so that I could grow out my grey, without the temptation to color it during the awful roots growing out phase. I had many, many days that I was tempted to just throw in the towel and book an appointment for a dye job, but I resisted. By the end of the year, I had enough new hair growth to fall to my ears, and solidify my desire to grow out my grey.

I also had really long, really two-toned hair, with a lot of split ends.

I knew I wanted to do a no spend challenge for the month of January, so I tried to book an appointment around the holidays to fix my mismatched head of hair, but it didn’t work out and I was pushed into January instead.

I kept my appointment, cut six inches off the bottom (which still kept my hair long, now it falls to about an inch above the bra strap), and had the remaining blonde dyed to match my natural color, which is ash blonde. My stylist blended the colored hair so that I no longer have a sharp line of demarcation between the new growth and the old, and my grey can continue to grow in. And all my dead ends are gone now too, leaving me with much healthier looking hair.

Except for the hair appointment, I’ve been able to stick to the no spend challenge for week 1.

One thing I’ve been doing, to keep myself from shopping the end of the season sales, is to start to brainstorm what I want my spring/summer capsule wardrobe to look like. Browsing Nordstrom’s selection, this pair of camo printed chino pants caught my eye. I like everything about them. The bootcut style, the camo print, and especially the thin soled sneakers paired with the pants.

Of course, developing a capsule wardrobe isn’t always that easy and one key thing about the pants that doesn’t work for me, is the manufacturer. The Sanctuary brand makes great quality pants, but not for my petite, pear shaped body. These chino pants work best on someone of average height, and a slimmer body shape, with fewer curves.

But that’s ok. Now that I have an idea of what style I want to try—bootcut chinos with thin soled plain sneakers—I can start browsing for this style of pant as the spring collections filter into the stores.

If you’re doing the January no spend challenge, how did your first week go?


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