Why Celebrities Look Good In Their Clothes—And How You Can Too

September 12, 2018


Jennifer Aniston is known to regularly tailor her t-shirts and jeans | Image Source: Pacific Coast News Online and popsugar.com

Celebrities are often decked out in expensive clothing from the latest fashion collections, which certainly helps them look good in their clothes. But there’s 1 secret to getting any outfit to look just right—tailoring.

Speak to any personal stylist to the stars and they’ll tell you, in order for a star to get that “I look fabulous” look, regardless of their outfit, every piece of clothing they wear—jeans, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.—will have been tailored for a perfect fit.

Here are 4 ways that you can look good in your clothes too:

Fit The Widest Part, Alter The Rest

This is the most costly and time consuming option, but also the one that makes the biggest difference for your outfit. By fitting the widest part of your body, and tailoring the rest, you ensure that there will be no pinching, pulling, stretching, twisting, or bunching of the clothes as you move. This will ensure that you look good from every angle.

This tip is especially helpful if you are shopping for a gown or dress for a special event, where alterations are typically a part of the fitting process, and also for busty gals looking to fit into a button down shirt. The widest part of the body is typically the waist, hips, or bust, therefore, you’ll want to fit this area first, then tailor the rest.

Shorten The Length

If you are a short gal like me, then you are already familiar with the fact that the fit of many garments—including skirts, dresses, and shorts—is helped considerably by shortening the length. Skirts, dresses, and shorts that are too long will shorten your appearance.

For tall gals, length is just as important, except now you are looking for the opposite, does the garment need to be lengthened instead? Regardless of if you are short or tall in height, ensuring that the length sits on a flattering spot on the leg will prevent you from looking disproportionate in your clothes.  I typically look at where the hemline is ending on my leg, favoring ending around the knee for skirts and dresses (or ankles if you want a floor length look) and around the narrowest part of my thigh for shorts.

Commit To One Heel Height For Pants And Jeans

When sporting a pair of pants or jeans, your legs will look their longest if you have the garment hemmed to the correct length. This requires you to commit to a heel height and hem appropriately. Flare, wide-leg, and bootcut styles look best when sitting at 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch from the ground, while slim fit styles that taper around the bottom of the leg (skinnies and straight legs) look best around the ankle bone. For cropped bottoms you’ll want the hem to end at low to mid calf.

Adjust The Sleeves

The classic fit of a sleeve on a button down shirt should crease between where your hand meets your wrist. In today’s fashion, voluminous sleeves—including balloon, flared, poet, lantern—may sometimes extend past this point. But if you feel that the shirt looks like it’s swallowing your arm, try shortening the length of the sleeve to lift your posture and neaten your appearance.

Do you have any tips for getting that “perfect fit” with your clothes?

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