Small Wardrobe Victories

August 13, 2018

Rockport Gabby

My 1 pair of sandals for summer | Rockport Gabby Lace Up Sandal in Taupe

When you’re a shopaholic who is trying to change your habits and behavior, the end goal of being able to shop smarter may seem years and year away. And this may be true. For someone who has to battle decades of out of control behavior, this change is not going to happen over night.

Setbacks can and do occur as one walks along the path of a life shaping change. That’s why it is so important to set not only a goal for your final destination—stop excessive shopping—but to also set smaller goals along the way. Goal setting allows you to have both a long-term vision, and a short-term destination. Through effective goal setting, you can focus on the things you want to change in smaller bite sized chunks.

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with goal setting, is celebrating small victories for your wardrobe. If you are struggling to measure your success, perhaps some of my goals will jumpstart your thinking.

During this summer season, here are 3 small victories for my summer capsule wardrobe:

1. Fewer colors in my summer capsule wardrobe. My current summer capsule wardrobe was built around 4 core colors—blue, white, black, and tan. Limiting my wardrobe to only 4 colors helped me shop with a filter, any clothing that did not meet my 4 colors criteria was ignored in the stores when I was building my summer capsule.

This mindset also helped me identify that I’m not a big fan of black in the summer. I adore the black and white look, just not on me. I pair my white jeans with blue or tan far more often than I sport them with black. I’ve already noted for next year’s capsule wardrobe, that I’ll replace black with a lighter neutral color.

Finally, owning less colors has made putting together outfits this summer very easy. When you don’t own a lot of colors, and they are mostly neutrals that all pair well together, getting dressed is fast and simple. Two things I have really appreciated, especially during those rush mornings.

2. Only 1 sandal for summer. I began the summer season with 1 short boot and 2 ballet flats. Eventually I succumbed to the excessive heat (hello 100F days) and bought 1 pair of sandals (Rockport Gabby Lace Up Sandal in Taupe). Since I had the opportunity to start over with the footwear for my summer capsule wardrobe, I decided to see if I could not only last throughout the summer with only 1 pair of sandals, but also be happy about it.

It’s been 2 months and thus far, I’ve been perfectly ok with pairing the same pair of sandals every single day. In the past I’ve always felt that I needed to own at least 2 or 3 pairs of shoes (although I’ve often owned more, way more than that, 20 or 30 pairs more) to rotate because my feet would be sore or tired. But that was the old me.

The new me realizes that all I need to own is 1 pair of the “right” shoes for the season. My sole pair of sandals are extremely comfortable (I can walk all day with no blisters or rubbing) and the neutral color has paired well with everything in my summer wardrobe. Once my new sandals arrived, they’ve been on my feet daily and I’ve been very, very happy with them. The only time I notice that I only own one pair of sandals, is when I calculate the cost-per-wear for them and see the number going down, down, down, fast.

3. Use what I have more often. My summer wardrobe began with 2 pairs of shorts—1 denim and 1 chino. I only wear shorts on weekends, and I’ve learned from previous years that 2 pairs of shorts is more than enough for me.

In general I’m a big fan of denim, yet on summer’s hottest days, the chino shorts have been far superior. Since chinos are a light-weight fabric, they are not as heavy to wear in the heat as denim is. The looser weave of chinos versus denim, allows for more air to move between the fabric and my legs.

When comparing men’s clothing to women’s, I’ve also noticed that 9 times out of 10, men are wearing chino shorts, not denim one’s. I started reaching for my chino shorts more often, and haven’t looked back since. In fact, I’m planning to purge my denim shorts at the end of the season because I’ve only worn them twice and hated it both times.

In previous year’s I would have immediately run out and started shopping for more chino shorts as soon as I realized that my tastes have shifted, but this year I decided to work with what I have, and simply wear my 1 pair more often. Sometimes owning a second pair would be better (hello ice cream stain on a Saturday and I still want to wear shorts for Sunday), but overall I haven’t felt too deprived. Plus I’ve gotten a greater cost-per-wear out of my current chino shorts.

The ability to maintain owning less colors, fewer sandals, and using the pieces I already own more often, were all small victories for me this summer season.

What small victories do you have from your current summer capsule wardrobe?

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