How To Wear Black In The Summer

June 6, 2018

A hallmark of summer collections is color, and lots of it.  The bolder the better.  But sometimes you get the itch to reach for something that is simple, and basic, like black.

In the summer months, sporting all black (or even partially black) outfits often gets a bad rap.  You’ll look like a moody teenager, or, you’ll look like you’re dressing out of season.  But none of this has to be the case.  You can wear black on the hottest days of the year, and still look seasonally appropriate for summer.


Skip The Pants

A hot day is the perfect time to show a little leg, and skirts, shorts, and dresses let you do just that.  Pairing a Black Tie Waist Skirt with a blue shirt is a classic look for a business casual office.  Or mix up this formula by pairing your shirt with Black Trouser Shorts and heels instead.  When you’re off duty, a Black Jersey Maxi Dress is casual, comfortable, and the loose fitting, thin material is perfect for keeping you cool when it’s hot outside.

Change The Shoes

Black footwear immediately adds weight to an outfit. To lighten up your look, simply swap your black footwear for something lighter.  For example, this Loveappella Short Sleeve Jumpsuit would have been lovely with black sandals, but the cognac animal print one’s significantly lighten the outfit.

Lighten Up The Fabric

A hallmark of summer dressing is white jeans, instead of black. Both are the same material, it’s only the color that has changed, which demonstrates the impact that color can have on seasonal dressing. Something else that affects seasonal dressing, is fabrics. Linen, cotton, silk, gauze, voile, are all excellent options to keep the black, but lighten up the fabric. Another great option is pieces with loose or open weaves, such as crochet. THe crochet bib and sleeveless style of this Vince Camuto Crochet Bib Top is perfect for summer.

Black is easy and effortless, which is perfect for the relaxed vibe of summer.  If you’re a fan of black outfits, you don’t have to give them up just because it’s hot outside, simply use the above tips to help shift your love of black outfits for summer.

How do you wear black when it’s hot outside?

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