Simple Fix For Distressed Denim

May 23, 2018

Shredded Cutoff Denim Shorts

Distressed denim is the term retailers use to describe jeans with holes or patches to create worn in look.  And right now jeans with scrapes, shreds, and holes are everywhere. But sometimes the placement of the hole is not in a flattering spot on your leg, such as when it is on the front of the jean near your pockets. Other times, the hole is already larger in size and you may not want it to get any bigger. When this happens, I have a simple fix to let you keep sporting your distressed jeans for many days to come.


Iron on denim patches is the perfect solution for holes that you don’t want to get any bigger, or when you simply don’t want to show some skin. They are super easy to apply, you simply iron them into place. Flip the jean inside out, iron the patch in the spot you need a little coverage, and you are good to go. Next time you find yourself tempted to get rid of a pair of holey jeans, try an iron on denim patch instead.

What’s your simple fix for distressed denim?


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