Essential Pieces When Working From Home — Summer Edition

May 16, 2018

In this increasing digital world, more and more people are working from home. When you work from home it’s very easy to roll into your home office in your pajamas and slippers and just stay that way all day. But sooner or later, this can get drab and boring.

If you’ve been working from home for a while, then you already know that it takes a lot of discipline to sit down and log in 7 to 8 hours (or more) a day, every single day. You can apply this same discipline by getting into the habit of getting dressed so that you feel energized and more productive.

Since you don’t have to dress up as if you are going into an office, you can select pieces that are still casual, but polished. And bonus, when FedEx, UPS, or that unexpected visitor stops by, or you have to run an errand on your lunch break, you’ll already be stylish and put together.

I’ve outlined a few pieces that are going to be cozy, comfortable, and stylish when logging long hours on your computer at home.


Linen Jogger Pants : Jogger pants is a great way to wear sweats, with a little more style. And linen is a lovely fabric to sport during the summer months to keep you cool and dry. On those days when you don’t want to shave, try some cropped jogger pants.

One Button Knit Blazer : A knit blazer is a softer, more casual blazer option that adds an instant touch of polish to any outfit. If you’re not a blazer gal, this Knit Drawstring Jacket is another fun option.

French Terry Cardigan : A great alternative to sporting a robe is a cozy, soft cardigan. Plus a cardigan is a great piece to carry on cold airplanes, frigid supermarkets, and frozen movie theaters.

Modal Knit Tee : I’m a fan of t-shirts made of modal instead of cotton because they have a silky smooth texture, yet are still machine washable. I hang dry and these are typically ready to wear within a few hours.

Knit Maxi Dress : Fluid and breezy a maxi dress is a fast way to get ready on a hot summer day—one piece and you’re dressed for the day. This Jersey Maxi Dress is another cute option that would be just as nice during the day as it is for a summer evening at the beach or in a park.

Suede Slide Sandal : You can slip your feet into these slide sandals just as fast as you could a pair of flip flops, but the twisted knot and suede material make this a much cuter option! If you want to spend a little more, these platform sandals are worth every penny, but don’t take my word for it, check out all of those 5-star reviews!

Do you have an essential piece when you work from home?



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