The Perfect Floral Prints For Spring

April 25, 2018

Lace Floral Midi Dress | Floral A-Line Dress

After a long, grey winter, colors and prints are often welcomed. One of the best ways to add a little print to your spring wardrobe is to sport a floral print. To help you add a little spring into your step, here are my favorite floral prints for spring this year. And if you aren’t a fan of florals, check out my previous post on 3 Ways To Dress For Spring When You Don’t Like Floral Prints  or you can inject a little color into your spring wardrobe with Spring Into Colored Pants.

But for the floral lovers, let’s move onto the fun!

Floral Wide Leg Pants

Liquid Knit Palazzo Pant | Floral Wide Leg Woven Pant

You can combined two trends into one, by picking up a pair of floral wide leg pants.  Wide leg pants paired with a wedge heel is a favorite look of mine and is a refreshing change from months of sporting skinnies tucked into boots.  I especially like when the floral print is against a black background for maximum contrast, such as this Susan Graver Printed Liquid Knit Pull-On Palazzo Pant (watch the video, the floral print is stunning and the liquid knit moves beautifully) or this Vince Camuto Floral Wide Leg Gardens Woven Pant.

Floral Blazers And Jackets

White Floral Print Blazer| Black Floral Print Blazer | Floral Trench | Floral Bomber Jacket | Waterproof Floral Jacket

If your spring mornings and evenings are cool, but warm up during the day, then layering may be your preferred option for your outfits. You can freshen up your blazer collection with a pretty floral print blazer such as this white one or this black one. If you want to freshen up your outerwear instead, try this floral trench, this floral bomber jacket, or this waterproof floral jacket.

Floral Tops And Blouses

Floral Sleeveless Top|Floral Twist Hem Top |Gardenia Fitted TeeSunflower Print Shirt  | Red Daisy Print Top |Nectar Fitted Tee

There is no shortage of floral print blouses and tops this season, which makes adding one or two into your wardrobe this season really easy. Here are a few that caught my eye along with some styling suggestions. Layer a solid blazer or cardigan with this Floral Sleeveless Top. Pair this Floral Twist Hem Top with a pair of white or black bootcut jeans. Keep it simple by wearing this Gardenia Fitted Tee with a black pencil skirt. Roll up the sleeves of this Sunflower Print Shirt with some dark wash cropped jeans. Check out a farmer’s market in this pretty Red Daisy Print Top and blue denim jeans. Or sneak in some pretty birds with your floral print with this Nectar Fitted Tee and white trousers.

And if you’re a dress gal, there are lots of pretty floral printed dresses to pick from this season too.

Will you try a floral print this season?

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