Spring Into Colored Pants

April 19, 2018

Island blue chinos

Gap Girlfriend Twill Island Blue Chinos

One of the hallmarks of spring is the awakening of color.  Blooming flowers, budding trees, grass becoming green again, Mother Nature always puts on a dazzling display of color during spring.

If you sport lots of neutrals with your pants, why not try mixing up your look with some color instead? Pastels are softer colors, known for their soothing vibe and lack of strong contrast.  Plus, pastels are always quite abundant in spring collections.  If you’ve never tried colored pants before, spring is the perfect time to dip your toe into a little color with pastel pants.

Here are some pants I’ve recently tried from the spring collections.

Gap Girlfriend Twill Stripe Chinos

Cosmetic Pink / Island Blue / Marble Wash Pink / Greenway

For casual work settings, chinos are a great alternative to sporting jeans every day.  The lighter weight of chinos makes them an ideal option in the summer months too if you want to cover more of your leg.  I find the mid rise and looser fit of the Gap Girlfriend Twill Stripe Chinos fit my pear shape well.  These are made to be worn cropped, and by rolling the hem and look just as nice with a heel for work as with sneakers for errand running on the weekends.  And if you aren’t ready for pastel, try the green pair.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Cropped Wide Leg Chinos

Bubblegum Pink / Blue

If you’re ready to go a little bolder with your look, cropped, wide-leg chinos are the perfect choice.  When sporting a wide-leg cropped pants, proportions are key.  You’ll want the waist to sit rather high and you’ll have to comfortable tucking in your top or wear a cropped top.  Doing so highlights your waist instead of burying it underneath all of the extra volume.  For length, a true ankle length cropped pant sits, you guessed it, around an inch above the ankle bone, but for many this is not the best spot on the leg to end your pant line.  If you don’t like the ankle look, go a little higher up your calf instead.

Banana Republic Ryan Slim Straight-Fit Trouser

Ryan Powder PinkRyan Lilac / Ryan Bright Blue / Avery Pink / Logan Ice Blue

If your workplace dress code requires trousers instead of jeans or chinos, try Banana Republic’s Ryan Slim Straight-Fit Trouser.  For my pear shape these are an ideal fit.  If your body type has less curves than me, the Avery or the Logan may be a nice option.

Will you try pastel pants for spring?

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