3 Ways To Dress For Spring When You Don’t Like Floral Prints

April 2, 2018

dot print pant

BR Sloan Skinny Dot Print Pant

Daffodils, crocus, and tulips are typically some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom. Every year, spring fashion gives a nod to mother nature with floral prints. Pastel, retro, vibrant, regardless of the color, floral prints and spring are synonymous with spring fashion.

But if you aren’t a fan of floral prints, here are 3 ways to dress like spring, with nary a flower in sight.

Wear Stripes and Polka Dots

Gap Print Boatneck Sweater Navy Stripe | Gap Print Boatneck Sweater Multi Stripe | Gap Navy Stripe Ribbed U-Neck Pullover Sweater | Gap White Stripe Pullover Boatneck Sweater | BR Sloan Skinny Dot Print Pant | BR Chambray Dot Trench Coat | BR Stripe Dot Bell Sleeve Top

Graphic stripes and polka dots is a great way to get the laid back vibe of spring, without looking like you are going to a garden party. Selecting thin or thick is a personal choice, and regardless of which style of stripe or polka dot you choose, stripes and polka dots are a classic print that works perfectly to freshen up a wardrobe after months of darker colors and neutrals for winter. This Gap Navy Stripe Ribbed U-Neck Pullover Sweater is going into my spring wardrobe this season.

Try A Little Crochet

Gap Crochet Pullover V-Neck Sweater | Moon River Stripe Crochet Cardigan

You don’t have to be savy with a hook and yarn to wear crochet. Crochet sweaters and cardigans are abundant in spring collections. The nature of crochet, with its loose interlocking loops of yarn, makes crochet clothing perfect for mild springs and cool summer nights.

Hop Into A Space Dye Pattern

blue spacedye

Gap Blue Spacedye Crewneck Sweater

Space dyeing is a technique where fabric is dyed in shades from one color to another with a repeating or random pattern.  Space dye clothing is eye catching and bold, and the marbled garment has lots of visual interest. This Gap Blue Spacedye Crewneck Sweater  looks lovely with light wash denim on the model above, and it would also be stunning paired with white jeans.

Do you wear floral prints or something else for spring?

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