Tips To Wear White Jeans For Spring

March 18, 2018

White jeans on a snowy spring day.

White jeans are one of my favorite spring staples. They make every outfit look fresh, crisp, and they really do go with everything. While white jeans can be worn year round, I start sporting mine regularly in the spring and continue to do so all through the summer months. That makes spring collections the perfect time to shop for white jeans.

When shopping for white jeans, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Fabric. White jeans can show every lump and bump if the fabric is too thin. When I shop for white jeans I look for a thicker material. Before I try on white jeans I check to see if I can see my hand underneath the pockets by the thigh area. If I can see my hand, then I will most certainly see my cellulite too and I pass for another pair to try.
  2. Size. Fabric isn’t the only thing that will show lumps and bumps, so will the size. My golden rule for white jeans is to always go up one size. Women’s jeans typically hug all of your curves (unless it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend fit) therefore going up one size often gives a little breathing room. With today’s stretchy fabrics the jeans aren’t usually too baggy from going up one size.
  3. Cut. If you want to wear your white jeans year round, a skinny or straight leg is probably best, especially if you sport the outfit formula of boots tucked into jeans for the winter months. If you adore heels and live in a snow free winter area, a bootcut or flared jean is a lovely alternative.
  4. Proper undergarments. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s underwear with white jeans. To avoid this, you’ll want to wear a nude/natural colored pair. A white pair of undies is like putting a neon light on your bum, you can see it a mile away! My favorite thong is the Hanky Panky Signature Low Rise in Chai.
  5. Cut out the pockets. It’s rare that a pair of white jeans come without pockets. To avoid seeing the folds of a pocket, I have mine cut out and sewn shut. It’s an easy alteration and makes any pair of jeans look clean and neat.
  6. Try, try, then try again. Shopping for any pair of jeans can take time, but especially white jeans. With so many features to consider, it may take multiple pairs and even multiple visits to the store until you find your perfect pair. I once tried over a dozen pairs of jeans from Zappos before I found just ONE pair that worked for me. But then I owned that pair of white jeans for years! When it comes to white jeans the extra effort is definitely worth it.

What tip do you have for white jeans?

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