Reversible Clothing — Less Pieces, More Outfits

February 28, 2018

Mix and match. Flip and Reverse. Reversible clothing allows you to get more bang for your fashion buck. You can own fewer clothes in your closet and pack less stuff when you travel without sacrificing your styling options. Comfortable. Practical. Travel-Friendly. I recently stumbled across reversible clothing at White House Black Market* and now I’m hooked!

Here are a few pieces that have caught my eye.

Reversible Woven Cami

WHBM Reversible Woven Cami Black and White | WHBM Reversible Woven Cami Floral Print

The simplicity of black and white, paired with dots or stripes is why I snatched up this reversible woven cami to add to my business capsule wardrobe. Since my business capsule is built around a core color of black, I’ll easily be able to pair this cami with any of my blazers and cardigans in my capsule wardrobe. And when I travel for work, I can pack less, because the cami will work for 2 days worth of outfits. If you’re not a fan of black, this floral print is another lovely option that would work well paired with jeans.

Reversible Shift Dress

I haven’t owned a dress in years but I am very tempted to try this reversible floral print knit dress. I especially like that the cuff print is visible with both the floral and solid options.

I’ve often read that every wardrobe should have a little black dress, but black can be a harsh color to wear. Blue is a softer look and just as versatile as black. That’s why this reversible floral print sheath dress in navy caught my eye. This dress looks perfect for business meetings, bridal showers, and weddings.

An added bonus is that everything listed here is machine washable, score! It looks like my spring wardrobe shopping budget will be going to reversible clothing this season.

Have you ever tried reversible clothing?

*This post is not sponsored.


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