Steps To Dress Warm In Winter, Without The Bulk

January 10, 2018

BP Plaid Cape / Cashmere Fringe Wrap / Reversible Fringe Ruana / Fringe Ruana / Cashmere Ruffle Wrap

Living in a Northern climate, at this time of year the daily temperature in my area can run cold—very cold. How cold? Last week our daily high was 0F, and with the wind chill it was -10F. With those types of temperatures the easy solution of simply cranking up the heat isn’t always going to work. Heating systems are often inefficient, leaving a second floor boiling hot while struggling to warm up a cold a first floor. Forced hot air can also dry out your eyes and nasal passages. When the weather grows cold, you can take a few steps to dress warm so that you don’t have to raise the heat and burn out your furnace. But dressing warm doesn’t mean you have to look like a marshmallow, especially when indoors wearing a down coat or parka isn’t really comfortable.

Here are my favorite steps to staying warm indoors, without the bulk.

Wear A Quality Baselayer

If there’s only 1 thing you do to stay warm, wear a baselayer underneath your outfit. A quality baselayer will keep the heat in and the moisture out. I’m a big fan of Uniqlo Heattech Collection and find that they run true to size. The silky material and body-con fit of the Heattech Leggings lets my skinny jeans and business trousers glide over the material. In the past I’ve also worn Cuddl Duds and while I am a fan of that brand too, Uniqlo is the only brand that I’ve come across that makes not only a crew neckline, but also a scoop neckline thermal. I find the Heattech Scoopneck T-Shirt is very versatile because it works perfectly for not only my turtleneck and crewneck sweaters, but my boatneck, scoopneck, and v-neck sweaters too.

Wrap Yourself Up

Another one of my favorite items for winter is a wrap, and it’s cousins the shawl, ruana, and cape. Wraps (and it’s cousins) are lightweight, large, loose fitting, and can drape over any outfit regardless of the materials. Wearing a wrap is a lot like wearing a blanket, but it has way more style. A cashmere wrap is my wrap of choice, especially when it has fringe or ruffles, but if cashmere is too pricey for your budget an acrylic ruana like this one or this one will work well too. I even keep a cape at my desk at work and layer it over any outfit I’m wearing and I’m still able to move around and type freely on the computer. An extra bonus, wraps are great for plane travel, they take up little room in your carry-on bag and can work as a blanket for a cozy trip.

Cover Your Neck

The parts of your body most sensitive to heat are you face, head, and chest. This is why the myth that you lose most of your body heat through your head still stands, despite evidence to the contrary. In many business settings sporting a hat or facemask isn’t acceptable, but thanks to the popularity of scarves as a fashion accessory, scarves are ok. Blanket, infinity, and square are just a few of the endless options in fashion scarves. When it’s cold outside, keep your neck and chest toasty warm with a scarf.

How do you stay warm when it’s cold outside?

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