3 Ways To Freshen Up Last Year’s Party Outfit

December 18, 2017

You don’t have to shop for a head-to-toe new outfit for holiday parties this year. You can use one of these 3 ways to freshen up your outfit from last year instead.

Switch The Top Layer

Switch up the top layer to give last year’s outfit a completely different vibe by adding a little velvet. I picked velvet because it’s one of the hottest trends this season. Take last year’s black trousers and blouse and add a Black Velvet Blazer to switch up your look. Change the vibe of a party dress by replacing last year’s cardigan with a Cropped Velvet Blazer. Or dress up your blue jeans with a Red Pinstripe Velvet Blazer or this pretty Rose Pink Quilted Blazer.

Swap The Bottoms

If last year’s outfit featured a skirt, go for a touch of drama by swapping the skirt for pants this year. These Sequin Flare Leg Trousers would make the ultimate statement! If that’s a little too bold for you, try this Red Lace Trouser instead. Or tone down the color with these Burgundy Wide Leg Trousers. And if colored bottoms are not your thing, these Black Ruffle Hem Cropped Pants and these Black Tuxedo Stripe Pants are a lovely option. Conversely, if you wore pants last year, this year try a skirt! This Sequin Pencil Skirt and this Blush Tulle Skirt would both work well with neutrals.

Add Statement Accessories

There are so many gorgeous shoe and bootie options this season. If you want to let your shoes do the talking, try these sequin pumps, sequin booties, or sequin slingback flats. Or keep the sequins on your bag with this Foldover Clutch, Gold Sequin Clutch, or Sequin Tassle Clutch.

Adding texture to your outfit with velvet or sparkle from sequins will update your party outfit this season, without having to buy an entirely new outfit.

How will you change up your party outfit this year?


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