Winter Wedding: Five Style Tips For Guests

December 7, 2017

The following is a guest post from Peter, a men’s fashion writer at Gentleman Zone magazine from UK and Australia. Besides writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Today Peter is joining Shopping Brake to share his advice on dressing for a winter wedding. For more tips follow Peter on Twitter.


Just as you got a hang of fall wedding style the season changed, and the wedding invitations kept on rolling in. Repeating an outfit is no longer possible so you’ll have to start planning and experimenting again. To make the process easier and more pleasant we have a few tips for you. You always want to look your best when you’re attending a wedding and whether you are a man or a woman these simple steps will get you where you’re going in style.

Don’t be afraid to layer

When you are dressing for a winter wedding it’s not all about style, you also have to think about the weather. It’s getting colder and you need to dress accordingly. However, you shouldn’t go overboard. You will most likely be inside and the heat will be on if it needs to be, so you don’t exactly need to be wearing thermal socks to be prepared. Fall is perfect for layering, complete your outfit with a nice elegant coat and a warm scarf and you’ll be ready for anything. Men don’t be lazy and choose the right coat, your parka won’t do for a formal occasion.

Embrace winter colors


The most important thing to consider when you are getting dressed for a fall wedding is the color of your clothing. Forget about the fresh summery clothes, you had your time together, and embrace winter colors. Deep and warm shades of red, purple, yellow, and green are just what you need for your next wedding outfit. You can find a plethora of custom tailored suits and beautiful stylish dresses online that you can pick from the comfort of your home. If you’re in a mood for something classic, black also works great during winter. But if you choose a black dress or a suit you should try to include some winter colored details. Ladies think about the color of your shoes, and gentleman you can experiment with your ties, vests, and handkerchiefs.

Add some patterns

Winter clothes are made of heavier and warmer fabrics, they often have interesting textures and they look amazing with patterns. Your outfit will look gorgeous and lavish if instead of a regular block color fabric you choose a fabric with an interesting pattern. For those of you who are feeling bold, a big floral pattern is perfect, but if you are looking for something more moderate you should pick a pattern with smaller details. You can also include patterns as details. Women can pick a patterned scarf or a clutch, while men can wear patterned vests or handkerchiefs. A simple detail like that can bring a whole outfit together.

Choose the right pair of shoes


Sandals are out and you need something warmer. Men, you can wear regular smart shoes or a nice pair of Chelsea boots for extra warmth. They look really good with a suit and they add a little edginess to an outfit. Women, you can go for a classic pair of closed toe stilettos or a pair of elegant ankle boots. You can match your shoes to the rest of your outfit or make a statement with them if you chose to wear a simple outfit.


The final touch is what makes the outfit pop! You chose the clothes, you have the shoes, now you just need to find the accessories that will elevate the outfit. Aussie ladies always rely on their accessories, so it’s no wonder that stylish sunglasses in Australia are part of many wedding guests outfits. And remember, the sunglasses frames should always bring your outfit to the next level. Men you need to think about the watch you’ll rock and don’t forget about the belt, don’t even think about leaving your home if it doesn’t match your shoes.

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