Trending Now: Velvet

November 16, 2017

velvet blazer

My new velvet blazer from White House Black Market.

One fabric that I see year after year in both fall and winter collections is velvet. This timeless fabric consists of densely woven, raised fibers that are soft to the touch.  Velvet garments are costly to produce. Two fabrics of same thickness are woven together, then cut apart and rolled onto separate rolls before using. The laborious manufacturing process and high price tag is why velvet was often associated with nobility.  Another form of velvet that typically pops up in fall and winter collections is corduroy, which is a raised form of velvet.

Flutter Sleeve Velvet Top / Velvet Crop Boot Pants Velvet Statement Earrings / Velvet Platform SandalVelvet Pleat Skirt / Blouson Sleeve Stretch Velvet Top / Quilted Velvet Crossbody Bag

Normally every season I can find at least 1 or 2 blazers in velvet.  Sometimes a top is thrown into the mix.  But for Fall 2017, velvet has taken fashion collections by storm and my favorite part of this trend is all of the variety in velvet pieces this season.  Tops, pants, earrings, shoes, skirts, even bags!  If you’ve been wanting to try a little velvet in your wardrobe, this is the season to do it!

Rich and luxe, velvet pieces are a lovely way to dress up your look for upcoming holiday parties. In fact, I recently picked up this White House Black Market Velvet Blazer in blue for myself. The blazer looks just as lovely with light colored jeans for casual events, as it does with navy trousers for a dressier occasion.

Will you try velvet this season?


  1. I was unaware of the fact that velvet is costly to produce. I see some really cheap garments out there that are made of velvet (for example, Old Navy). I wonder about the quality now.

    1. Hi Mary, Velvet can be woven from any type of yarn. In the past it was often woven from silk, but today it can be woven from cheaper materials. I’m sure for stores like Old Navy that’s how they are able to produce velvet pieces, they have access to bulk supplies of cheaper to produce materials. Thanks for stopping by! Lisa

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