Make Every Sweater Look Like New

November 13, 2017

sweater comb

Save your pilling sweaters with the Laundress Sweater Comb.

Nothing makes one of my favorite sweaters a candidate for the donate pile faster than pilling. If you’ve ever seen a sweater with little balls of fabric then you already know what I’m talking about. Pilling is bundles of fabric that have broken off and become tangled, thus forming little balls on the surface of the garment.

Pilling is a result of normal wear and tear, and occurs most often on the areas of a garment that rub the most. In the case of a sweater, this is usually the underarm/underside of the arm. If you’re a fan of handbags that brush up against your torso (typically shoulder bags and crossbody bags that hang on the right or left side, whichever side you favor sporting your bag), you’ll often see pills on those areas too. Pilling is not a sign of quality, in fact the price of the garment does not determine if the sweater will pill or not.

Well, if price doesn’t determine if pills will occur, how do you know if a sweater will pill? You have to consider the material itself. Knitted fabrics will pill more often than woven ones, which is why sweaters are common culprits for building up pills over time, especially wool, cashmere, cotton, synthetic blends, and polyester.

Since pilling is a common occurrence, and sweaters can get rather pricey, I’ve found periodic sessions to depill my sweaters keep them looking like new. I typically depill my sweaters any time I notice excessive pills building up. My favorite way to depill my sweaters is with The Laundress New York Sweater Comb.* I picked mine up years ago and it still works just fine.

Other depilling options include: The Laundress Sweater Stone, The Evercare Giant Fabric Shaver, and the Comfy Clothiers Depilling Comb.

Keep your knitwear looking polished and like new, by removing pills when they build up. And if you’re starting to think about holiday shopping, a sweater comb makes a great stocking stuffer too.

What’s your favorite tip to keep your knitwear looking like new?

*This post is not sponsored. 


  1. Thank you. I know about depilling. I have yet to use it as a means to maintain my knitwear. The product suggestions help a lot.

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