October Recap And Favorite Outfits

October 30, 2017


Favorite outfits for October.

Welcome to my monthly recap of what happened on Shopping Brake, as well as my favorite outfits from Instagram over the past month.

Crafting a personal style that is uniquely yours is achieved through a lot of work including: trial and error, an intimate knowledge of how to dress for your body type, and having an understanding of which colors are most flattering on you.  It must also provide you with the clothes that fit into your daily lifestyle, because that’s how you showcase your personal style.  And on top of all of that, is one more aspect you have to consider, The Number One Rule To Having Personal StyleConsistency will carry your personal style through the changes in your life over time.

Fall season is boot season and my favorite way to sport boots with pairing them with jeans.  Here are a few Handy Tips For Wearing Boots And Jeans that you can begin now and use throughout the fall and winter seasons.

In the United States, as well as a few other countries, the last day of October is celebrated as Halloween.  With costumes ideas on my mind and western style having a moment in fashion, I discussed The Secret To Dressing Western, Without Looking Like You’re Wearing A Costume, then flipped those rules to provide a few ideas for Easy Halloween Costumes For The Lazy Gal.  How many statement pieces you wear will affect if your outfit looks like a Halloween costume, or not.

Speaking of ideas to get you out the door in the morning on days when you are in a hurry, dressing in a column of color, layering opposite silhouettes, and repeating a favorite outfits are 3 Tricks For Busy Women To Get Dressed Fast.

As you can see from my favorite outfits this month, I’m a big fan of taupe booties.  The lighter color bookends my blonde hair well and it is a versatile neutral.  It’s been too warm to wear a quilted vest thus far this fall season, but if your area is running cool you can decide to Spend Or Save — Taupe Booties And Quilted Vests.

The fashion industry has taken steps towards highlighting a wider variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors but it is a slow moving process because Diversity In Fashion Will Take Time.

Finally, you don’t have to pack up your white jeans, shorts, or skirts, and you certainly don’t have to match your bag to your shoes because these are a just a couple of the ways on How To Be A Style Rebel In The Fall.

Now on to the outfits from my fall capsule wardrobe!


Outfit #1 // Green and black

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall.  We’ve had a really warm fall thus far, so I’ve been sporting lighter weight tops in my preferred fall color of green.  Outfit #1 is a great example of dressing for a warm fall season.


Outfit #2 // Boot it up.

The Over The Knee (OTK) boots in Outfit #2 are a few years old, and still going strong.  I let the boots be the focal point of this look by pairing it with lots of black and blue denim.


Outfit #3 // Boyfriend in the fall.

My boyfriend jeans were a workhorse item over the summer and they don’t have to be packed up just because it’s fall.  I simply pair my cropped boyfriend’s with wedge booties for a fun look for Outfit #3.


Outfit #4 // Another warm fall day.

Continuing to dress for a warm fall day, Outfit #4 once again features my cropped boyfriend jeans and wedge booties.  This time a simple t-shirt in green and a fall printed scarf were all I needed.


Outfit #5 // Fall layers.

For Outfit #5, I finally had a cool fall day and this outfit is how I prefer to dress for fall.  I have fall colors and lots of layers by pairing a long sleeve t-shirt with a cardigan and blanket scarf.  Short booties finish off this fall layered look.


Outfit #6 // Soft and sweet.

For my last look, I went against the norm and wore all soft colors, but nothing that screams “fall.”  Instead the textures and prints give a nod to the season while the softer colors work perfectly for a warm fall day.

Do you have any favorite outfits from the past month?

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