How To Be A Style Rebel In The Fall

October 26, 2017

white for fall

White looks as lovely in the fall as it does at any other time of year.

A style rebel is someone who forgoes the rules and wears what they want to wear, when they want to wear it.  To the style rebel, rules were meant to be broken.  Here are a few ways to freshen up your fall style, while also being a fashion rebel.

Wear White After Labor Day

Packing your white clothes after Labor Day was society’s way of enforcing an invisible battle between rich and poor.  Wealthy women from days long past put their white clothes away to signify status over others.  A wealthy woman had no need to wear her white’s after Labor Day, she has more than enough other clothes to wear instead.

The significance of white clothing as a status symbol between rich and poor can also be found with wedding dresses.  The first white wedding dress was worn in the 1800s by Queen Victoria.  Soon after, women began seeking a white wedding dresses as once again, a symbol of their status in society.  In older times clothes were worn, and reworn often.  The poor simply could not afford to spend money on a dress that would only be worn once.

In today’s day and age, you can find white clothing year round in fashion collections at a variety of price points.  Also, many of us have access to washing machines, dry cleaners, or other services to keep our clothes clean, including the white pieces.  This freedom allows you to wear your whites year round, no matter what your status in society is.  Society has changed, and so should our fashion rules.  So wear your white clothes!

Don’t Match Your Shoes To Your Bag

If you own one handbag that you love, why should you put it aside simply because it doens’t match your shoes?  Well, you don’t!  The bag you wear should compliment your outfit, it doesn’t necessarily have to match your outfit too.  Besides, the more ways your can wear your favorite handbag, the more use you’ll get out of it, and the lower your cost per wear (or use) of your bag will be.  If you want to wear your favorite bag everyday, then do it!

Wear Shorts & Skirts

If you are someone who runs on the warmer side, or you live in an area with a warm fall season, then shorts and skirts are your two best friends.  The lack of leg coverage will keep you cool when it’s hot outside.  All you need to do is swap your summer shoes for a fall boot or closed toe shoe and you are ready to go.  And if your fall season runs a little cool, you can still wear your shorts and skirts.  Simply pair them with fun hose and a knee high or over the knee boot.  For extra warmth you can even swap the hose for some fleece lined tights which will provide maximum warmth along with a fun (or neutral) color added to your outfit.

Sport Brights & Pastels

A hallmark of spring and summer collections is pastels and bright colors.  But these pieces don’t have to be packed up in the fall.  Booties, knee high, over the knee, and even thigh high boots all come in gorgeous shades of grey, tan, even blush pink.  You can easily pair your spring and summer pastels with fall favorite shoe, the boot.  Or take your favorite outfit from summer and pair that bright colored blazer with black for a stunning, seasonless look that works well for fall and beyond.

How do you dress like a fashion rebel?  

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