Diversity In Fashion Will Take Time

October 23, 2017


Diversity makes fashion interesting, and fun!

Women (and men) come in lots of ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds, and can be found sporting a wide variety of fashion styles. Sure, I like to see someone with a body type like mine, at an age similar to my own, sporting clothes in styles that I favor, because it gives me outfit ideas for myself. But I also enjoy perusing body types that look nothing like mine, and personal styles completely different from my own too. Sometimes I’ll come across something new that I want to try for myself, other times I’m just enjoying the differences among people. To me, diversity and variety is what makes the world (and fashion) interesting.

Apparently I’m not alone. These articles highlight that diversity in fashion is growing, which is great news:

However, this change is slow and there are still lots of gaps to be filled. This article from The Guardian “The salt-and-pepper pound: where are all the fiftysomething models?” is right on point with the fact that fashion, advertising, and marketing still have a long ways to go.

Part of the problem is that diversity is stilled treated like it’s a novelty, and not a way of life. Until designers and marketers start thinking about people as individuals instead of types, progress will continue to take time. But I’ll enjoy the differences as they pop up, no matter how slow it is, because at its core fashion is supposed to be fun, and nothing more.

Do you think diversity in fashion is moving too fast or too slow (or at just the right speed)?




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