3 Tricks For Busy Women To Get Dressed Fast

October 16, 2017

Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear.

Some days you have to get out the door in a hurry. Those are the mornings when I reach for one of my grab and go outfits. Grab and go (also called fast fall back) outfits are those outfits that I’ve put together in advance. I typically plan at least a few outfits when I set up my capsule wardrobe at the start of each season. But what if I don’t want to wear any of my re-planned outfits and I’m getting dressed in a hurry?

Here are 3 ways I get ready fast, without reaching for one of my grab and go looks.

Dress In A Column Of Color

One of my favorite ways to get ready quickly, while still looking put together is to dress in a column of color. Black, navy, grey, white, beige, tan, cream, ivory, pairing any neutral in a head to toe outfit always looks chic no matter what the fashion trends of the season are. If wearing only one color is too bold a look for you, simply add a cardigan, blazer, jacket, or scarf to the outfit. By adding a third piece, the column of color becomes the foundation for the look, instead of the star.

Layer Opposite Silhouettes

Bootcuts paired with a slim fitting top. A tunic top combined with a skinny jean. The phrase “opposite’s attract” holds true when creating an outfit. Pairing tight with loose is a classic outfit formula that once again never truly dates.

Repeat Last Week’s Favorite Look

If I asked you what you wore every single day of last week, could you answer me? No? Well no worries because I can’t either. But I can tell you what my favorite outfit was from the previous week. Since I do laundry on a weekly basis, I begin each week with my closet filled with clean clothes. On days when I’m really in a hurry, I reach for my favorite outfit from the previous week, and simply wear it again! This is a win win situation. I get another cost per wear out of my outfit and I’m wearing something I already know I enjoy.

Do you have a favorite tip for getting ready fast?



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