Easy Halloween Costumes For The Lazy Gal

October 12, 2017


Halloween costumes can be cheap and easy.

You can be sweet, scary, or sexy this Halloween without spending a lot of money or driving yourself crazy researching DIY costume ideas. In fact, the trick to putting together a simple, yet effective Halloween costume is to do the exact opposite of my advice in my last post — The Secret To Dressing Western, Without Looking Like You’re Wearing A Costume.

What is the secret for Halloween?

Sport more than 1 statement piece!

That’s right, the easy way to put together a cheap, yet fun Halloween costume is to wear at least 2 (or more) statement pieces in your outfit. This items don’t necessarily have to be clothes, in fact, it’s easiest to begin with clothing you already own and simply add accessories to your look.

For example, you can start with a top, pants, and boots (or a dress and shoes) all in black, and easily become a:

  • Black Cat by adding a cat ear headband and a tail
  • Witch by sporting a witch hat and a carrying a broom
  • Vampire by wearing a cape and black gloves

If you want to break up the black a little bit, and you own a striped shirt, you can add some white gloves, a beret, and even paint your face white to transform into a Mime. Or use a white shirt, add a bowler hat, and carry an umbrella and be Mary Poppins.

Not interested in wearing any black? No worries, if you own a plaid shirt, you can add a floppy hat and carry sunflowers and become a Scarecrow. Or grab a cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots, tie a bandana around your neck and you’ll be, yep you guessed it, a Cowgirl.

Then there’s my personal favorite. Last year I picked up a Supergirl logo t-shirt and red suspenders, and paired that with my white button down shirt, black trousers, and black pumps to be Supergirl in the middle of her costume change.

Halloween costumes don’t have to take a lot of time or money. Simply start with pieces you already own and build your costume from there.

What’s your favorite costume to wear on Halloween?

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