Handy Tips For Wearing Boots And Jeans

October 5, 2017

fall boots

Fall season is boot season!

The fall season is in full swing in my area and I couldn’t be happier about it, because fall season is boot season! Pairing boots with jeans is my favorite type of outfit, and it’s a combination that I adopt every year as my fall uniform. And I’m not alone. Browse the shoe department of any retailer and the number one shoe that you’ll find in both fall (and winter) collections season after is season is, yep, you guessed it—boots!

Over the knee boots, knee high boots, midi boots, cowgirl boots, ankle booties, the options are endless when it comes to boots. And if you are a boot enthusiast like me, then you probably own more than 1 style of boot. Pairing boots with jeans sounds easy enough right? Just grab a pair of boots and some jeans and you’re done! Well, not exactly. If you’ve ever tried to tuck a pair of jeans into knee high boots only to have the jeans crunch up and rub against your ankles, or worse, puff up over the top of the boot, then you already know that there are a few tips to consider before pairing boots and jeans.

Pick The Correct Style

The reason why jeans crunch up and rub against your ankles, or puff up over the top of the boot is because you are trying to pair the wrong style of jean and boot. If you are wearing any style of boot that requires tucking the jeans into the boot (ie over the knee boots, knee high boots, and midi boots), then you’ll want a skinny fit (or legging jean). The key here is to look for a style of jean that hugs your calves and ankles. When the material is flush against your leg, there is no excess that can bulk up and start rubbing against your ankles or spill out over the top of the boot.

Find The Correct Length

Bootcut jeans and boots is a classic look but pairing these 2 can be tricky. You don’t want your jeans dragging on the floor, and you also don’t want to wear jeans that are too short either. When pairing bootcut jeans and boots, you are looking for a jean that is wide enough to lay flat over the top of the boot and a hemline on the jean that is no more than 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the ground. A hemline this long gives the illusion of height, which is something that 5’3″ short me can really appreciate. When the hemline of the jean is too high, the illusion of skimming the ground disappears and you’re going to look shorter and create a break in the lines of the outfit. You’ll also want to wear a boot with a shaft that fits close against your leg, and has a shaft height that will sit at the widest part of the flare, so that you don’t show any bulk underneath the jeans.

Use The Right Cuff

Cropped jeans don’t have to be put away once the weather cools down. You can sport your favorite cropped skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans all season long, by pairing them with a midi boot or ankle booties. When sporting shorter shaft boots, you are looking for your jeans to fall 1/2 to 1 inch above the top of the boot. And to up the casual vibe of the outfit, you’ll want to cuff the jeans so that the folds sit above the boot. This look is especially fun with a boyfriend or straight style, because there is more material to cuff. If your jeans are a skinny or legging style, there’s often not enough material to fold the jean more than once. In this case you have another option, fold the cuff inwards. With a jean style that sits flush against the leg, folding so that the seam is inwards will make the jean look like it is the perfect length, which also keeping the material in place all day long.

But what about cropped flared jeans? You don’t have to put those away either. In this case you’ll follow the same fitting rules as with bootcut jeans above. You’ll want to sport a boot with a shaft that fits snug against your leg (similar to the fit for bootcut jeans above) so that the flare will sit over the jean. You’ll also want the shaft height of the boot to be tall enough so that the jean will fit over the boot without showing any skin.

Pick Your Outfit Contrast

When creating an outfit with boots and jeans, you have 2 options; 1) a high contrast outfit, or 2) a low contrast outfit. High contrast outfits feature dark and light colors together. For example, pairing a tan, beige, or taupe boot with a dark wash jean and a light colored top. Outfits with high contrast will let you show off a specific feature of the outfit, in this case, the boots! Of course, the downside is by contrasting light and dark you also creating blocks of color and breaking up your outfit into sections. These features will not elongate your leg line, nor will this type of outfit make you look taller. When you want to create a long leg line, you’ll want to sport a low contrast outfit. In this case pick a boot that matches the jean, (ie black jeans with black boots) and sport a darker top instead.

Another feature to consider when creating outfits with boots, is what you are bookending. For a high contrast outfit, sport a boot that is opposite of your hair color (ie a blonde haired gal wearing black or dark brown boots). If you want a low contrast outfit, wear a boot that bookends your hair instead (ie black haired gals and black boots are perfect together).

Do you have any tips to share for wearing boots and jeans?





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