Spend Or Save — Fall Jacket

September 25, 2017

Both jackets are photographing black, but they are really navy. Should I Spend or Save?

Falls cool days is perfect jacket weather. While my favorite fall jacket is a leather jacket (or pleather is you prefer fake), some days it’s too wet outside to wear one. That’s when I reach for a jacket that is water resistant or water proof instead.

This year it was time for me to upgrade my fall jacket. Before I shop I always decide in advance exactly what I’m looking for. I already know that I’m shifting my wardrobe into more blues, so my search was narrowed down to the following criteria: blue, lightweight, water resistant (or water proof), upper to mid thigh in length, and a zipper closure. Features I was flexible on included whether or not the jacket had a hood, and the color of the hardware. My budget was set at $200. Once I had the specifics sorted out it was time to shop. Deciding before I walk into a store what I’m looking for helps me to stay focused when I shop. I can quickly weed through the selections and avoid becoming distracted by all of the pretty things!


This year one of the colors of the season is blue.  Therefore, finding a navy jacket was pretty easy. I walked away with 2 jackets that I really liked, checked all the boxes on my list, and most important of all, fit within my budget. But, there was a considerable price difference between the 2 jackets. This meant I had to decide, do I Spend or Save?

To decide I carefully considered the fit of these 2 options.


Spend option.

The Spend jacket was by Cole Haan jacket and was marked down 50%, going from $350 to $175. Cole Haan makes a really nice quality jacket and 50% is a great discount! But as you can see, on my body type the jacket looks very boxy. For sizing reference, I’m 5’3″, 130lbs on a good day, and wearing a size Medium here.


Save option.

The Save jacket was by Guess and was marked down 40%, going from $158 to $94.80. Guess is a store I haven’t shopped in for quite some time. But, as I mentioned during my 5 Budget Friendly Style Tips For Women, you should always look everywhere when you shop. You never know who is going to have exactly what you are looking for. As you can see this option has a cinch waist silhouette, which on my body type is ideal because it gives me a little shape. I’m once again wearing a size Medium here.

The Cole Haan jacket discounted 50% off was a better “deal” but the Guess jacket had a better fit for my body type. When you’re shopping for a fall jacket and you stumble across 2 jackets that are both discounted considerably, let the fit and not the savings decide which is the best option for you.

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Do you let the savings or the fit decide which jacket is right for you?


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