7 Stylish Ways To Wear A Plain White T-Shirt

September 11, 2017


It’s been 1 week since I started the Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt and now it’s time to find out what happened during this wardrobe challenge!

Overall this challenge went really well. It was a great reminder of just how versatile a wardrobe basic can be, especially something as simple as a plain white t-shirt. But before I review the outfits, a few of observations first.

  1. No one noticed that I was wearing the same t-shirt and jeans all week. Restyling the t-shirt with various toppers (blazers, cardigans, and even paired with a shirt) and accessories mixed up my outfit enough to look different every single day.
  2. I created a 3 color capsule wardrobe without even trying. Except for the floral print scarf, my outfits centered around only 3 colors—browns, tans, and touches of black. This wasn’t deliberate at all. In fact, I didn’t even realize I had done this until I looked at the photo collage for this post!
  3. I only used 3 pairs of shoes. This is probably because I inadvertently stuck to a limited color palette for this challenge.
  4. I’m tired of my white t-shirt. No surprise here, after 7 consecutive days of wearing a white t-shirt, I’m ready to sport a top with a different color!
  5. Getting dressed was quick and simple. Because half of my outfit was already picked in advance (t-shirt and jeans) half of the thinking was done ahead of time. This made getting dressed in the mornings fast and easy.

Now onto the outfits!

white t-shirt and floral scarf fall outfit

Outfit #1 // Floral scarf and pointy toe flats.

The fall weather in my area has random days of 70-80F mixed in with days of 60F. It drives me batty. Outfit #1 was on a hot fall day so I paired my white t-shirt with a floral printed scarf and pointy toe flats. If you want to start wearing your scarves but the weather is still really warm, try wearing your scarf like I did here. Two knots, one for each side of the scarf will keep it in place without having to wrap the scarf around your neck.

black blazer fall outfit

Outfit #2 // Touches of black.

Outfit #2 is a classic pairing of white and black. The zipper details on the jacket and the pointy toe style of the shoe keep this classic outfit from looking dated. If you like this outfit but have a business dress code at work, you can swap the jeans for a trouser in any color. I’m a fan of sporting bright bold trousers with a basic black blazer for a fun business casual look.

brown plaid shirt fall outfit

Outfit #3 // Plaid shirt and flats.

Outfit #3 features a country girl vibe with a brown plaid shirt. A plaid shirt is always featured in fall collections, and in recent years retailers have offered a wonderful selection of plaids in various colors. One aspect about a plaid shirt that I really appreciate is that the plaid usually provides enough visual interest on it’s own so that additional accessories (necklaces, scarves, etc) are not necessary.

tan cardigan fall outfit

Outfit #4 // Tan waterfall cardigan.

Outfit #4 is the exact opposite of the previous look. Because the white and tan colors here are so soft paired together, adding a necklace was a must to keep this outfit from looking boring. The waterfall design and fringe of the cardigan also helps add interest to this simple look.

brown cardigan fall outfit

Outfit #5 // Touches of brown.

For Outfit #5 I swapped the touches of black from outfit #2 for touches of brown. Normally I pair this cardigan with my cowgirl boots but today I paired it with the pointy toe flats, a hat, and a fun bag. This was my favorite outfit of the week and one I would not have thought to try if I hadn’t been doing this wardrobe challenge.

tan blazer fall outfit

Outfit #6 // Business casual in tan.

Outfit #6 features a business casual look where I layered a tan blazer over the white t-shirt. The tan ballet flats finish off a matchy-matchy, classic look. This outfit is a great example of why I often buy the same colors in different pieces. The blazer here is the exact same color as the cardigan from Outfit #4, but the style of the 2 pieces give the same color scheme a completely different vibe.

olive blazer fall outfit

Outfit #7 // Olive jacket and black flats.

For Outfit #7, the final look of this wardrobe challenge, I paired an olive waterfall jacket with black pointy toe flats.

And there you have it, the same t-shirt and jeans styled into 7 different outfits.

What was your favorite look from this wardrobe challenge?


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