Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt

September 4, 2017

white t-shirt and jeans

Have you ever grabbed a white t-shirt and jeans, then wondered how to wear them?

I’m kicking off the fall season with a new wardrobe challenge—The Wardrobe Basics Challenge — The White T-Shirt. I enjoy wardrobe challenges because they keep my wardrobe feeling fresh and new, while also making sure that I “think outside the box” of my standard outfit formulas.

A white t-shirt is often cited as being one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to own. This challenge puts that theory to the test.  Is a white t-shirt really as versatile as the experts say?  And more importantly, is a white t-shirt really versatile for my personal wardrobe? Just because the experts say it’s good, doesn’t always mean that the item in question is the right choice for me.

Here are the challenge rules:

  1. Select a white t-shirt. Long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, any sleeve length will do. Cotton, linen, polyester, silk, modal, rayon, the material doesn’t matter. For this challenge I’m using a basic white t-shirt, made out of modal, which is a rayon that is really soft and dries quickly.
  2. Style the white t-shirt in 7 different outfits. The same day every week for 7 weeks (for example, every Monday), or the same week for 7 consecutive days.  How often is up to you.

To up the ante, I’m going to use the same white t-shirt and jeans, and style them for 7 consecutive days.  To do this I’ll really use 2 white t-shirts.  I’m a big fan of duplicating my basics and rotating 2 tops will give me 1 to wear while the other top is drying. I normally wash my jeans every 3-4th wear, so I’ll be going a little longer than usual, but for the sake of research I’m willing to sacrifice for 1 week.

white t-shirt and jeans_02

I’m ready to have throw down with my white t-shirt and jeans!

The same white t-shirt and jeans, for 1 week, styled 7 different ways.  Think I can pull it off?  We’ll find out in 1 week!

Looking for a different wardrobe challenge? Check out Chapter 10 in my book, which includes multiple wardrobe challenges that vary in length to keep you and your wardrobe on your toes.

Have you ever styled a white t-shirt 7 different ways? 






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