August Recap And Favorite Outfits

August 31, 2017


Favorite outfits for August.

Welcome to my monthly recap of what happened on Shopping Brake, as well as my favorite outfits from Instagram this past month.

By the time August rolls around I’ve already had 2 months of hot weather and the only thing I’m thinking about during the last month of the summer is fall. Fall clothes, fall colors, fall activities, fall foods (pumpkin, yummy). With nothing but fall on my brain I continued with planning my fall capsule wardrobe. I decided what to keep and what to return, as well as preplanned a few outfits during my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 4) — Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Keepers and my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 5) — Review And Final Decisions.

To make sure that a fall capsule wardrobe doesn’t feel a little dated, I reviewed my 5 Hot Trends For Fall 2017 — For Women, which included anything velvet, statement sleeves, and floral prints, just to name a few.  The lines between men’s and women’s fashion have blurred considerably over the years, which is why I followed up with my 5 Hot Trends For Fall 2017 — For Men.  Quilted jackets, statement prints, and skinny jeans are all pieces I’d happily add to my personal wardrobe from the men’s collections.

Since fall is my favorite time of the year I try to start sporting fall outfits as soon as possible.  That’s why I showcased 3 favorite summer outfits and how I’ll be Transitioning Summer To Fall.  But if you’re tired of your summer clothes and you want an entirely new outfit instead, then you have a great opportunity to refresh your style with a couple of trendy pieces.  When you are shopping for your fall capsule wardrobe, first you have to make a very important decision, how much you want to spend.  In the case of fall, the decision is whether to Spend Or Save — Fall Florals And Loafer Mules.  Of course, there is another option, you can simply focus on How To Transition To Fall Without Spending A Single Penny.  In fact, sporting my summer clothes in neutral outfits is one of my favorite ways to dress for the random hot days we get during the beginning of the fall season in my area.

With so much shuffling of my fall capsule wardrobe it didn’t take long for my closet to become a mess.  That’s why I revealed The Number One Reason Why Your Closet Is A Mess and more importantly—how to fix it.

Finally, for anyone who doesn’t have a Kindle, no worries because Shopping Brake — The Book Is Now Available As A Paperback!  Show your support for the Shopping Brake Family by picking up a copy, leaving a review on Amazon, and telling a friend! 🙂

Now on to the outfits from my summer capsule wardrobe!

Chinos and peasant top summer casual

Outfit #1 // Casual chinos for summer

For Outfit #1, these chinos should look familiar because they’ve made my favorite outfits of the month pick every single month for the summer!  I adore chinos in the summer because they add leg coverage without keeping the heat in.

White boyfriend jeans and navy t-shirt

Outfit #2 // White boyfriend jeans

A runner-up to my favorite bottoms from my summer casual wardrobe are boyfriend jeans.  The white pair on Outfit #2 work very well with a simple navy t-shirt, denim jacket, and espadrille sandals.

Cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, casual summer

Outfit #3 // Cowgirl boots and jeans

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that every Wednesday I pull out my cowgirl boots for #westernwednesday’s and Outfit #3 is one of my favorite’s.  I adore western fashion, but it’s not easy to find in my local area and I’m often asked “where are you from” when I dress western style.

White boyfriend jeans and white t-shirt

Outfit #4 // All dressed in white

For Outfit #4, the white boyfriend jeans are back, this time worn as a column of white and a denim jacket.  If you are in a hurry, dress in a column of color.  White, black, navy, etc. the color itself doesn’t matter.  Sporting a column of color is an easy way to look pulled together.  In fact, Joan Rivers almost always wore a column of black, and simply added a fun blazer (or other topper) and jewelry to her outfits to make them look different each time.

Green army jacket and black jeans

Outfit #5 // Urban style

Outfit #5 is a typical look for my area, right down to the asphalt backdrop.  The Adidas Superstar sneakers are extremely comfortable and I would highly recommend them.

Boyfriend jeans and lace up flats

Outfit #6 // Urban cool

Finally, Outfit #6 is another nod to the NJ/NYC vibe, with boyfriend jeans in blue denim paired with basic black accents.

Do you have any favorite outfits from the past month?

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