The Number One Reason Why Your Closet Is A Mess

August 28, 2017


How did my closet get so messy (top) when it used to be so neat (bottom)?

Have you ever cleaned out your closet, only to find it looking like a mess again a week or two later? Me too! A few weeks ago I had prepped my fall capsule wardrobe and my closet looked like the closet on the bottom. The shelves had lots of space, there was room in between each hanger, and most important of all, I could see and access everything I had inside my closet.

Yet the other day I looked inside my closet and discovered that it had turned into the mess at the top.  The shelves were overflowing, there wasn’t much space in between each hanger, and overall I couldn’t see or reach for at least half or more of the things in my closet.

Why did my closet become such a mess?

The answer may surprise you.  Most often when I ask someone why their closet is a mess they tell me that it’s because their closet has too much stuff.  It’s a good answer and yes, a closet can, and often does, become a mess when there is too many things inside.  But that’s not the number one reason why a closet becomes a mess.  Going back to the photo at the top of this post, I was able to return my closet back to it’s former state of tidyness (the bottom closet) without removing a single item from my wardrobe.

How did I do this? 

The “how” goes back to the question itself and answering the “why.”

The primary reason why a closet (or anything in the home) becomes a mess is because everything inside doesn’t have a designated spot.  Remember, I didn’t throw out or donate a single item from my wardrobe, yet I was able to bring order to the chaos. All of the handbags that were on the shelf were moved back to the side of my closet that stores the rest of my handbags. The summer items that started to sneak in with my fall clothes were washed and moved to the “out of season zone” of my closet. Once the side of my closet that I had designated as my fall capsule wardrobe only held the pieces that make up my fall capsule wardrobe, the order was restored.

Returning order to chaos can happen anywhere in a home.  Kitchen counters often become filled with food waiting to be cooked and/or eaten. Tables and desks become dumping grounds for magazines and bills waiting for attention. Children’s toys are scattered throughout a living room because they weren’t “put away” yet. Boxes from online orders pile up in the hallway waiting to be opened. All of the stacks and piles in a home pop up time and time again for one key reason, because the item in question wasn’t put into it’s designated spot.

When everything you have has a place to go, the order is restored. The culprit of having too much stuff can often lead to having things in your closet that have no where to go. But that’s simply because the stuff that you have doesn’t have a dedicated spot yet.  When all of your clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. have a spot it can call it’s own, you will no longer have a messy closet.

Does everything in your closet have it’s own “spot?”


  1. Hi There
    I try very hard to keep everything in my closet in a spot and it certainly makes me feel 100% better when I do. It gives me much satisfaction and a sense of peace to spend an hour
    or two putting things to rights and once it is done, it makes getting dressed in the morning an absolute pleasure.
    Lizer Pearl

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