How To Transition To Fall Without Spending A Single Penny

August 24, 2017


With the weather starting to cool down (it was 61F this morning) and the stores filled with gorgeous fall colors, the only thing on my mind right now is dressing for fall.  But what if my budget hasn’t caught up yet and I don’t have any money to spend on new clothes for fall?  No worries, because I can transition my wardrobe for fall without spending a single penny.  In fact, I don’t even have to cross over into my fall capsule wardrobe to start wearing outfits for fall.

The 3 outfits at the top of this post contain pieces from only my summer capsule wardrobe and they all have a nod to the fall season.

What did I do to transition these summer clothes for fall?

As we take a closer look at each outfit, I want you to look for 2 common features.


Outfit #1 // Blue denim, black, and green.

Outfit #1. First up is one of my favorite pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe, the green chinos.  I’ve been pairing these chinos with white and cream.  For fall I combined them with black and blue denim.


Outfit #2 // Olive, black, and white denim.

Outfit #2. For this look I’ve taken a staple item in most summer wardrobe, white denim jeans, and paired them with an olive blazer.  Finishing off this fall look is a black short sleeve t-shirt and black pointy toe flats.


Outfit #3 // Tan and black for business casual.

Outfit #3. The final look is for a business casual setting.  I’m wearing a column of black topped off with a tan blazer.

As you can see, these outfits all have 2 things in common:

  1. Neutral colors (black, white, blue denim, olive, tan, and green)
  2. Black for the top or bottom (or both)

If you don’t have any money to spend on fall clothes, simply pair up all the neutrals that you have in your wardrobe to create your outfit.  Dressing in head-to-toe neutrals allows you to create outfits that will transition beautifully into the fall season without spending a single penny.

Do you like dressing in neutrals?


  1. When I lived in SoCal, this was how we dressed all “winter” long. Some layering and darker colors were our nod to the changing seasons. Regardless of the actual temperature, it always looked weird if someone dressed summery when it was winter.

  2. I’m having trouble saying good bye to my yellow and blue summer wardrobe. It has worked so well for me these past few months. You are inspiring me to try harder. Thanks.

    1. Perhaps you can pair the blues with rust or another orange shade to make it work for fall. And yellow is lovely with browns, tans, and taupes. Or you can just pack it up until next year. After some time apart everything will feel new again and you’ll be rejuvenated when you pair your blue and yellow next summer. Thanks for stopping by! Lisa

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