Spend Or Save — Fall Florals and Loafer Mules

August 21, 2017


Would you spend or save on this outfit?

Last week I demonstrated how I can take 3 of my favorite summer outfits and transition them for fall. But what if you’re tired of your summer clothes and you want an entirely new outfit instead? Then it’s a great opportunity to refresh your style with a couple of trendy pieces.

Two of my picks for the 5 hot trends for fall 2017 for women were floral prints and raw hem jeans. No longer just for spring, this year designers have extended the life of flowers right into their fall collections by placing gorgeous blooms against dark backgrounds. Shaking up the classic skinny jean this season is their cousin, the raw hem jean. And while you could pair floral prints and raw hem jeans with ankle booties, I’m going to add in a different footwear option instead—loafer mules. Loafer mules first popped up in high fashion spring collections and their popularity is still going strong today. If you have a mild fall season, or you’re simply not ready to commit to boots yet, a loafer mule is a fun option.

But before you can shop first you have to decide which option you will pick—spend or save.

Two factors that will affect how much you spend on an outfit are material and manufacturing. Raw materials that are more expensive to obtain (or produce) will increase the price of a garment. The same principle applies to the manufacturing of the piece. Clothes that require high labor costs will also raise the price. These 2 factors are part of the reason why designer items often come with a hefty price tag. A dress made with rare silk with hand sewn beads will naturally be more expensive to produce, and therefore to buy, than a dress made with a cotton or synthetic blend that was formed on an assembly line by machine.

But wait, if higher priced items are often from more expensive materials and manufacturing, then does this mean that higher priced items are higher quality and therefore will last longer?

No, not at all. It’s unfortunate but the price tag does not always mean the garment is going to last longer. Materials can be extremely rare, the production cost can be exceedingly high, and yet the garment can still fall apart after the first wear. A hand sewn seam unravels or the material can’t handle rubbing against skin and immediately starts to pill or wrinkle. And sometimes mass produced, lower priced garments wear like iron!

So how do you pick when to spend and when to save?

For me, it’s all about the feel of the garment itself. I’m a big fan of 2 features for my clothes—soft and cushion—because I like pieces that allow me to move around comfortably. Soft materials for tops, bottoms, scarves, and yes even handbags, and cushioned insoles for shoes will win me over every single time. Regardless of the price tag, if the material isn’t soft, if the insoles are lacking cushion, or if I just can’t sit, stand, walk, and otherwise move around freely then I look for something else.

Outfits at the top of this post:


Spend // Cardigan // Floral Pattern Tank // Jeans // Loafer Mules

Save // Cardigan // Floral Pattern Top // Jeans // Loafer Mules

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Would you spend or save on this look?


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