Transitioning Summer To Fall

August 17, 2017

Navy Sweater and boyfriend jeans

Outfit #1 // Navy sweater and boyfriend jeans from summer to fall.

With a few simple styling tips I can easily transition some of my favorite summer pieces into fall.  Mixing my summer and fall clothes allows me use 2 capsules at the same time, a win win!  It also stretches my creative juices so that I don’t grow bored as the seasons change.  When it’s time to start using my fall capsule I don’t have to pack up my summer capsule right away, I can use transitional dressing to get a little more use out of my summer clothes before they are put aside until summer rolls around again.

Here are 3 summer outfits that I plan to transition for fall:


Outfit #1.  First up is the navy sweater and boyfriend jeans at the top of this post.  The navy sweater worked very well with cropped boyfriend jeans and open-toe, block heeled booties for summer.  For fall all I have to do is add a scarf and socks and swap the open toe booties for a wedge version instead.  This outfit will work best on days when I’m not quite ready for long sleeves, just yet.


Outfit #2 // Black cardigan and tank from summer to fall.

Outfit #2.  This time I’m taking my black cardigan and tank from summer to fall.  For summertime, I wore the cardigan and tank with cropped boyfriend jeans in the ultimate summer color—white.  For fall I simply swap the white jeans for a much darker color.  The bootcut jeans immediately darken the entire look.  Swapping the ballet flats for the same open-toe block heeled booties from the first look adds a little interest to an otherwise very dark outfit.  This look is perfect for our Indian summer’s, the random days when it’s suddenly hot in the middle of a stretch of cooler one’s.


Outfit #3.  This is my favorite outfit of this series.  A short sleeve t-shirt is a basic item in any closet for a good reason, t-shirts are highly versatile.  The summer look is as simple as it gets—t-shirt, shorts, and espadrille sandals.  For fall, I swap the shorts and sandals for jeans and cowgirl boots, pop on a cardigan, and I’m ready to go.

You don’t always have to run out and immediately buy completely new outfits as the seasons change.  Adding scarves and cardigans, swapping light colors for dark colors, and swapping sandals and open toe shoes for booties and boots are all easy ways to make your summer clothes work during falls milder days.

For more advice on dressing when the seasons change, check out this previous post on How To Transition From Summer To Fall.

What’s your favorite way to transition your summer clothes to fall?


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