Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 4) — Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Keepers

August 3, 2017


I ordered every single item here, but how many will I keep?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is winding down (August 6 is the last day before prices go back up to full price) and I’ve finally received almost all of the stuff that I ordered online.  Today I’m reviewing what I kept, what didn’t work for me, and why.  If you’ve been eyeing a few things from the sale, hopefully my product reviews will help you as you decide what to buy before the sale is gone.


First up is filling my wardrobe holes.  Many of my wardrobe holes revolved around shoes and boots this year.  For reference I have a high volume foot (read more from Angie Cox at youlookfab.com here), I typically buy a size 9 M, and my feet have a very low tolerance for a heel higher than 2 inches when I am considering an all day shoe.  I was shopping only for shoes and boots that would last all day, so no sitting shoes for me!

  • The Earthies Essen Ghillie Blue Lace Up Suede Flat was really comfy and had great arch support.  Unfortunately the elastic straps cut into my skin as my foot swelled and there is no way these will be comfortable for a long workday for me.  If your feet don’t swell then these flats would be a great addition to a shoe wardrobe.
  • This Cole Haan Heidy Pointy Toe Flat was gorgeous in person but the shoe has a curve to the top of the toe box and shows a lot of toe cleavage.  It also ran slightly narrow (not surprising for a pointy toe style but it was worth a try).  If you have a low volume foot (ie run narrow) these would be a lovely navy shoe.
  • The Sarto by Franco Sarto Johanna Blue Loafer didn’t fit at all.  It was too long, wasn’t wide enough, and the sparkly band of studs and crystals looked cheap in person.  Also this band was at least an inch thick and it was the only thing you noticed on the shoe!
  • This BP Milo Loafer Mule is adorable in person.  But the footbed has no cushion or support and the shoe flops when I walk, making a sound similar to a pair of flip flops.  It’s a cute look, but I wouldn’t be comfortable flopping around at my job where it’s a quiet office setting.
  • These Cole Haan Black Weatherproof Booties were gorgeous in person and had plenty of footbed support, however, they did not tuck well with skinny jeans.  These do run narrow, but a quick session of stretching from Nordstrom’s would have fixed that issue.  If you have a narrow foot and/or are looking for a bootie that you can sport with cropped or rolled up jeans or to wear with a pair of bootcut jeans then these would be a great option.
  • This Vince Camuto Prasata Split Shaft Cut Out Booties are even cuter in person than online.  They fit comfortable and if I lived in a climate that got cool but not cold in the winter, these would be keepers.  But the cut out details make this bootie a bare feet only shoe and my area gets down to 0F in the winter.  I have to wear socks in the winter so these were returned.  If you live in a warmer winter climate and can go sock free in the winter and/or are looking for a bootie that hits around ankle height for fall outfits then these would be a wonderful addition!
  • Finally, these Vince Camuto Karinda Over The Knee Boots never arrived!  Apparently they were backordered until November.  I canceled the order because November is the last month of my fall season and I’ll be thinking about my winter capsule wardrobe by then.

So what did I buy?  Ironically the one pair of flat shoes that I bought weren’t part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (does this ever happen to anyone else?)  These Me Too Audra Loafer Flats checked all the boxes for me: cushioned footbed, updated style (ie pointy toe), no distracting designs or embellishments, and a flexible sole.  I went down 1/2 size.


Outfit #1 with new flats.

If you recall, Outfit #1 from my last post on Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 3) — Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks revolved around this blazer with side zippers.  My new flats are a perfect replacement for my old and dated ballet flats with bows.

Speaking about shoes, what about the Lush Tunic and Rails Embroidered Military Shirt I thought would pair well my taupe wedge booties from last year’s sale?  I’m happy to report that both of these items were keepers.


New Lush tunic with last year’s taupe booties.

The Lush tunic pairs beautifully with the taupe color of the booties and the tunic has a lovely drape to it.  The Sphinx color is more pink in person than online (in the photo collage at the top of this post I only had black but this tunic comes in other colors).  I always go up one size in Lush for longer length and more drape so I picked up the size Medium.


New Rails embroidered shirt with last year’s taupe booties.

The Rails Embroidered Military Shirt was another win and once again pairs beautifully with the taupe booties.  I took my usual size in this shirt (size Small).  I liked this shirt so much that I tried the phoenix embroidered chambray option in the store.  I badly wanted this one to work too, but it seems to run smaller than the first option.  If you have narrow shoulders and are less curvy than me it would be a great chambray shirt to pair with knee high black boots.

Next up was shopping for entirely new outfits.  Both of these were mostly a bust.


Look #1, Casual Vibes had only 1 item I kept, the Caslon Rib Cotton Tunic Sweater.  I swapped the beige color for navy as the beige was much darker in person than online.  This tunic sweater will work as a nice option before I start reaching for my cashmere sweaters when it gets cold out and the curved hemline is very flattering on a pear shape body (ie me!)  The rest of the outfit was a bust.  The Caslon Plaid and Floral Tunic Shirt was very thin and arrived rolled up in a ball, on purpose!  I prefer my shirts to be more crisp.  The Vince Camuto Prasata Split Shaft Cut Out Booties I already reviewed and if I wasn’t keeping the booties then I wasn’t going to keep the matching Vince Camuto Kirie Suede Crossbody Bag.  The bag is a thick material and probably needs to be waterproofed if you get rain or snow in your area.

Look #2, Country Animal was another bust.  The BP Leopard Print Ruana was very thick and did not drape well, plus the material felt cheap.  The Treasure & Bond Asymmetrical Cold Shoulder Sweater had a nice weight to it and draped well, but it only had one open shoulder.  Why only one?!  The Vince Camuto Karinda Over The Knee Boots never arrived so the Topshop Sienna Studded Suede Hobo Bag was returned.  This bag is very large and will certainly hold everything in it.

And then we get to the jeans which was repeated for both looks.  The Paige Hoxton High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans didn’t fit me at all.  The jeans didn’t even fit my calves!  But if you have a straight body type this jean would work well.  Instead I picked up these not on sale Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans.  They weren’t on sale but the fit is everything I’m looking for.  Sometimes that’s just how it goes when you shop.


Paige jeans in the fitting room.

For reference, I’m 5’3″, currently weigh around 130 lbs, and have an athletic/pear shape body.  I normally sport a size 27 in jeans but in these I went up one size (I usually do for Paige denim) and am wearing a size 28.  These Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans will be perfect for tucking into boots come fall.  If you are taller than me, these will be cropped jeans but often the cropped jeans work full length on me because I’m so short.  Yay, no tailoring required!  Here’s what they looked like straight from the fitting room.  You can see that there is no gap at the waist, for my height the “cropped” style is the perfect length as full length on me, and these have a bodycon fit that will tuck into boots without extra bulk.

Speaking about outfits, what happened to finding something for my Hermes Parures de Samourais scarf?  I took the scarf to the store and found this lovely Halogen Three-Quarter Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan which is perfect for fighting off chilly fall days.  I added this Halogen Tea Floral Wrap Scarf so that I’ll have 2 options for my new cardigan.

The Cole Haan Black Weatherproof Booties I thought would work well with the scarf I already reviewed.  Instead I choose these Blondo Grey Suede Booties.  Once again these checked all the boxes for me: the heel is 1 1/2 inches, the material is waterproof and has sealed seams, and the footbed has cushioning.  These also have a 4 inch boot shaft (instead of a 5 inch that the Cole Haan’s had) which make these booties perfect for pairing with skinny jeans tucked or rolled up.  Also the grey color is softer than black for my personal coloring and pairs well with the scarf too.  I took my usual size in these.


New Outfit #1 // New cardigan, jeans, and booties for the Hermes scarf.

Here’s the Hermes Parures de Samourais scarf paired with the new cardigan, jeans, and booties.  This is my New Outfit #1 for fall.

New Outfit #1 // Hermes Parures de Samourais // Halogen Three-Quarter Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan // Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans  // Blondo Grey Suede Booties


New Outfit #2 // Everything here is new.

And this is New Outfit #2  for fall using all of my new pieces.  The simply swap of a scarf really changes up the vibe of the outfit.

New Outfit #2 // Halogen Three-Quarter Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan // Paige Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans  // Blondo Grey Suede Booties // Halogen Tea Floral Wrap Scarf


New rib tunic sweater and grey suede booties.

Here’s the Caslon Rib Cotton Tunic Sweater.  I took my usual size.  The navy color is darker in person than it looks online and would pair just as well with black as it does grey.  My favorite part is the circle hemline which is very flattering and gives some visual interest to this long sweater.

For my business capsule wardrobe I was looking for just a top but I didn’t see anything during my online shopping that caught my eye.  I never saw anything in the store either so a new top will just stay on my shopping list for the future.

Both these Zella Constellation Cropped Leggings and Zella Live In High Waist Leggings I bought during my online shopping but these pieces did not pass inspection in person.  I fit my usual size (Small) for both leggings.  The material was very soft and both leggings felt more suited for lounging around the house than for lifting weights or doing cardio so back they went.

While I was in the store making returns I tried a few items that looked interesting.  These pieces included:

  • Halogen Side Tie Cashmere Sweater. This has a lovely drape to the sweater, but the side ties hit me at my widest point on my hips.  It would be perfect on a straight body type.  The open slits on the side are high up, and a layering tank top or shirt will be required if you have an average length torso.
  • Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Sweater.  I am in love with this sweater.  The material has some weight to it and this piece curves against the body beautifully.  But the sleeves are just too long on me, they covered my entire hand!  I hope someone with longer arms than myself snatches this up, the quality was superb.
  • BP Rib Knit Cardigan.  These cardigans were flying off the shelves, but just didn’t work for me.  The material doesn’t drape nearly as well as the Halogen Three-Quarter Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan that I bought and the sleeves were once again too long.

Finally I made sure to order my demi bras // low rise thong // fabric wash // bath towels // boy leg briefs because these are my staple items that I get every year from this sale.  All of these items had the same quality as in previous years.

Once I begin shopping it can be hard to stop.  In my last post of this series I’ll show you what else I picked up during my shopping trip and crunch the numbers for what I’ll be starting with for my fall capsule wardrobe.

Here are the previous posts in this series:

Did you buy anything from Nordstrom that wasn’t part of the Anniversary Sale?



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