July Recap And Favorite Outfits

July 31, 2017


Favorite outfits for July.

Welcome to my monthly recap of what happened on Shopping Brake, as well as my favorite outfits from Instagram this past month.

The month of July began with the Fourth of July holiday which meant that I had to decide if my holiday outfit was Going All In or A Gentle Touch — July 4th Edition.  With the summer months in full swing in my area I discussed How I Shop For Shorts for my athletic and pear shaped figure.

Since I only have 2 months to go until the seasons in my area change again (they change roughly every 3 months) it was the perfect time for a Summer Capsule Wardrobe Check-In to see how this capsule wardrobe was doing thus far this season.  My summer capsule wardrobe is always the hardest capsule for me to do because my weekend style in the summer is vastly different from the outfits I sport to work during the week.  Once I donated a few pieces and shuffled a couple items around I revealed every single item in my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe including the total cost.

I talked about When To Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is a once a year sale that often creates quite a buzz for any fashion and shopping blogger, including me.  To shop this sale I do a bit of prep work first, by zeroing in on my fall capsule wardrobe.  The first 3 parts have been completed:

Finally, a new addition to the Shopping Brake Family has arrived!  My book on fashion, shopping, and closet organization is Now Available For Your Kindle — Shopping Brake — The Book.  The print version will be available soon.

Now onto the outfits from my summer capsule wardrobe!


Outfit #1 // Casual chinos for summer

The chinos in Outfit #1 should look familiar because they made my favorite outfit picks last month too!  I adore chinos when it’s hot out because you get leg coverage with a lightweight material.


Outfit #2 // Dressing up chino shorts for date night

My love of chino’s doesn’t stop with trousers, I like the shorts version too!  Adding a floral print blouse and heels for Outfit #2 dresses up chinos for a date night with my DH.  This floral blouse was another piece from my favorite outfits from last month too!


Outfit #3 // Floral blazer for summer

Outfit #3 features yet another floral print, this time as a blazer.  I don’t own a lot of prints in my wardrobe but I adore the one’s I do have.


Outfit #4 // Casual boyfriend jeans

Outfit #4 is a basic outfit of a tank top, boyfriend jeans, sandals, and a fun hat.  This is an ideal outfit for running errands on the weekends for me when it’s hot out.


Outfit #5 // Casual boyfriend jeans, again

For Outfit #5, with a simple swap of blue denim for white, I have another casual boyfriend jeans look.


Outfit #6 // Business casual in color

For Outfit #6 I selected one of my business casual looks.  I don’t have to dress business casual often, but when I do sometimes it’s fun to sport a pair of trousers that aren’t black.

Do you have any favorite outfits from the past month?

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