Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 3) — Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

July 27, 2017


I ordered every single item here, but how many will I keep?

Today I’m going over every single item that I ordered online from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and more importantly—why.  But a conundrum has popped up.  How can I buy anything from the Anniversary Sale when my fall capsule wardrobe already looked complete after I finished Fall Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 2)?

The answer itself is simple, but it’s reinforcing it that will be much harder to do.  My capsule wardrobe is at a size that I know works for me, which means that in order for me to buy anything new, I’ll have to be OK with getting rid of something old.  Following a one in/one out policy for my wardrobe helps me to keep it at the same size while continuing to refresh my style over time.

Of course I do have another option, don’t buy anything new.  This isn’t a bad choice, but since I like to freshen up my style periodically I’m going to have some tough decisions to make if I find something I really like from the Anniversary Sale.  And finally, there’s one more option, simply add new stuff and don’t worry about it.  But doing that is how I can quickly end up with an overstuffed closet and frustrating mornings as I struggle to weed through my things to find something to wear.

To shop, I began by looking to fill wardrobe holes.  I did this first because it lets me create a new outfit with as few new pieces as possible.  I have lots of things that I like already so why not get a little more use out of what I already own, right?

fall outfit shoe replacement

I’m ready to replace the black ballet flats with something new.

Outfit #1 revolves around this blazer with side zippers.  I already have 2 shoe options, black ballet flats and Adidas Superstars.  But the ballet flats are starting to wear out and I’m ready to replace them.  This loafer mule is on trend and might be a nice option to freshen up this outfit.

taupe booties outfit for fall

Outfit #2 features one of my favorite buys from last year’s sale, the taupe wedge booties.  But right now I only see 1 ready to go outfit in my fall capsule wardrobe, pairing the booties with a taupe sweater and a fun striped sock.  This lush tunic may pair well with the booties, or perhaps this embroidered shirt will give me a second look with these booties.

Outfit #3 continues what appears to be the trend for my personal shopping list this year—shoes!  The outfit on the left I normally sport with the nude ballet flats already shown, but maybe a blue shoe would look better?  The Hermes Parures de Samourais scarf on the right was a recent gift from DH and one of the main colors in this scarf is once again, blue.  I’m hoping that one of these blue shoes might work for these 2 outfits: blue lace up suede flat // blue pointy flat // blue loafer.  And speaking of outfits, let’s look at the scarf again.  What am I going to wear with it?  A blue shirt?  A white top?  A purple cardigan?  I’m not sure.  Since I’m not sure what I want to pair with it I’m going to take the scarf to the store and see if anything sparks an outfit idea.  And just in case none of the blue shoes work, I’m popping these black weatherproof booties in my cart too.  I have over the knee and knee high black boots in my capsule wardrobe, but no black booties.

Next came the hard part, shopping for entirely new outfits.  There were plenty of gorgeous pieces to pick from at this year’s sale and I’ve fallen in love with both of these looks.


Look #1, Casual Vibes has everything I want my fall style to be.  It’s has plenty of visual interest with the print and texture from both the rib cotton tunic sweater and the plaid tunic shirt, there’s a pair of high waisted ankle skinny jeans which is a style I’ve been meaning to try for a while now, and this look finishes off with on trend split shaft cut out booties complete with a matching crossbody bag!

Look #2, Country Animal is another look I’m really into for this season.  This time the layering comes from a leopard print ruana paired with an open-shoulder sweater, the same high waisted ankle skinny jeans from the first look, the rare find of over the knee boots that are not black, and a light colored suede hobo bag that perfectly coordinates with the tan colors.

But will these outfits be as nice in person as they were online?  Only time will tell.

You’ll notice that I didn’t order any: heavyweight sweaters, blazers, jackets, or outerwear.  I stayed away from these pieces because I don’t have a wardrobe hole for this stuff (blazers, jackets, or outerwear) and/or because I’m shopping for my fall capsule wardrobe (heavyweight sweaters).  On blogs and social media I’ve noticed that the cardigans have been really popular this year.  However, the majority of the cardigans for this year’s sale are long, and I am not very tall (5’3″), which makes it easy for me to become swallowed up by long cardigans unless they have a streamline shape to it.  Since I anticipate cardigans being tricky to fit I’d prefer to pick this item out while in the store.  I’m already ordering plenty of stuff, so there’s no need to add another group of things to the mix, amiright?

For my business capsule wardrobe I was looking for just a top but I didn’t see anything during my online shopping that caught my eye.  This means that a new business capsule top will also go on my in store shopping list.  However, during my browsing these cropped leggings and high waist leggings did perk my interest.  I’m always on the lookout for workout pants that pass the squat test I talk about in this post, so I popped both into my shopping cart.

And of course I made sure to order my demi bras // low rise thong // fabric wash // bath towels // boy leg briefs because these are my staple items that I get every year from this sale.  I like to order these items during the Anniversary Sale because it works as an easy reminder for me to update these pieces on a yearly basis.

Once I’ve received all of my online orders I’ll show you what I’ve kept and how I plan to wear it for the upcoming fall season.

Is there anything that you prefer to shop for in person instead of online?


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