2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

July 13, 2017

2017 summer capsule wardrobe (3)

In my last post I began my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Check-In and discussed what was and wasn’t working over the past month.  As long-time readers of Shopping Brake already know, I’m a big fan of crunching numbers and analyzing everything.  Today I’m going to review exactly what’s inside my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe as well as what the total cost of this wardrobe is.

2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I have 49 items in my 2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

summer capsule wardrobe jeans shorts

Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Jeans, Chinos, and Shorts

8 Bottoms (2 cropped boyfriend jeans, 1 cropped chinos, 1 bootcut jean, 2 skinny jeans, 1 denim shorts, 1 chino shorts)

10 Toppers (this includes: blazers, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and hoodies; 3 jackets, 1 blazer, 4 cardigans [above photo], 1 hoodie, and 1 sweater [below photo])

summer capsule wardrobe t-shirts

Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Hoodie, Sweater, T-shirts, and Tops

6 Short Sleeve T-shirts

10 Tops (3 modal [above photo], 4 blouses, 1 cold shoulder, 1 off the shoulder, 1 tunic [below photo])

summer capsule wardrobe tank tops

Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Tank Tops

I also have 6 Tank Tops (above photo).  And don’t forget about the shoes.

summer capsule wardrobe shoes

Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Shoes

9 Shoes (1 cowgirl boot, 1 cage block heel bootie, 1 espadrille, 1 Sperry’s, 1 Adidas Superstar, 1 flip flops, 1 flat sandal, 1 lace up flat, 1 heeled sandal)

The total cost of this wardrobe is $2,699.22, that’s over $950 MORE than my Spring Capsule Wardrobe—yikes!  I also have 9 more items here compared to my spring capsule wardrobe, including more shoes this time around.  However, I do have the same number of bottoms and blazers/jackets.  The high cost for this capsule wardrobe is from 3 main areas: shoes ($796.03), toppers ($592.06), and bottoms ($589.07).

I must be crazy to have a capsule wardrobe this expensive, right?  Maybe, or maybe not.  Only 1 out of the 49 items in this capsule wardrobe cost over $200, that’s my beloved cowgirl boots which are 3 years old.

But there’s a catch.  

I have an additional 6 out of 49 items that cost over $100.  At first, something over a $100 price point may not seem that bad when the items are purchased “on sale,” but as you can see from my capsule wardrobe total, it still adds up over time.

2017 summer capsule wardrobe

2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Also this capsule reflects my slow shift to lighter colors as I phase out the black from my wardrobe.  I don’t plan to never wear black, simply to limit the color since it’s not the most flattering neutral for me.  This capsule also reflects my love of both blues and earth tones, as it contains a little bit of both.

With my summer capsule wardrobe now sorted I’ll continue to wear these pieces for the next 2 months and start taking notes for what I want to add/remove/change for next year as stuff catches my eye over the rest of the summer season.  After all, outside it’s summertime but the retailers are already starting to think of fall.  Which means I better get started soon too!

How much did you spend on your Summer Capsule Wardrobe?

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