Summer Capsule Wardrobe Check-In

July 10, 2017

2017 summer capsule wardrobecheck in

It’s been 1 month since I assembled my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  With only 2 months to go until the seasons in my area change again (they change roughly every 3 months) this the perfect time to check-in on how my Summer Capsule Wardrobe is doing thus far this season.  This wardrobe hit a few speed bumps over the past month, but now it’s functioning nicely.  Here’s what happened.

A big wardrobe shuffle.  I had a fair amount of pieces that moved in and out of this capsule wardrobe.  Some of the pieces were things that I bought that just didn’t work and a few items I simply decided to bench for the season.  My summer capsule wardrobe is always the hardest capsule for me to do.  For most of the year I can wear the same clothes to my casual job as I can on the weekends.  But summertime is different.  My weekend style is more casual than during the workweek, and includes cropped pants or shorts.  I can sport a cropped jean to work but shorts or a cargo pant is a no-go for my workplace.

summer capsule wardrobe donations

All of this is getting donated.

The 3 outfits in the top row were purchased at Walmart, Target, Bass Outlet, and White House Black Market and all 3 outfits were a big fail.

Outfit #1-The coral striped cardigan and tank top are lovely, but the quality of these pieces from Walmart is very poor and these items could not survive multiple washing.  It’s a shame because I really liked the crochet design on the back of the cardigan.  The sneakers from outfit #1 were from Target.  I normally find Target clothes and shoes to be better quality than Walmart, but these sneakers did not last very long.  The sole has a slight cushion to them, but it wore down fast on the inside.  Also these sneakers were very hot.  My feet kept overheating in them!

Outfit #2-The tank top is another Walmart fail.  The cropped cargo pants were a disappointment as well.  I had a similar pair from the Bass Outlet last year and loved them, but this year the material was thinner and these did not last long.  Surprising because I typically machine was on permanent press and hang dry my clothes.

Outfit #3-This outfit was a trial run for a new style—tunic and leggings.  I picked up 2 tunics at the start of the season and as you can see, this one never got the tags cut off.  I do like my other tunic but in general I think I’d prefer something long and looser than this style of tunic.  The leggings, I just couldn’t wear them out of the house.  I’m so used to leggings for when I go to the gym, I couldn’t get past the fact that I was NOT going to the gym when I tried to wear these.  A friend of mine was more than happy to take these brand new items off my hands.

The items in the bottom row (shorts, tank tops, wedge sandals) are all pieces that never made it into my capsule at the start of the season.  All of these pieces were from last year’s capsule wardrobe and if they aren’t going in by now, then I’m not going to wear them for at least another year.  I’d rather have something new than continue to hold onto these pieces.  In general my style has shifted and the shorter shorts, revealing lace back tanks, and sky high wedges no longer work for me.

summer capsule wardrobe leftovers

Leftovers for a future capsule wardrobe.

I also had a few pieces that I’m putting aside to use in a future capsule wardrobe.  The tan blazer and white jeans were a favorite from my spring capsule, but the blazer is too warm right now and I already have white cropped jeans that I’m wearing in my summer capsule wardrobe.  I ended up swapping the tan blazer for the floral blazer from my spring capsule wardrobe.

The teal top and blue skinny jeans was another outfit that was a carry over from the spring but isn’t getting used right now.  Instead I picked up a peasant blouse in white that is more summer friendly than the teal, which looks more fall to my eye.  I also swapped these skinny jeans for a different pair in my closet that has a lighter wash.

The black tunic was put into my summer business capsule wardrobe because I kept pulling it for those outfits anyway.  This let me buy a new army jacket for the summer wardrobe.  The bootcut jeans I swapped for another pair of bootcuts I already own in a darker wash.  The dark wash jeans paired better with my summer shoes and I realized that these jeans would get worn most often in the summer months when I don’t have to worry about rain or snow ruining the hems (I prefer my bootcut and flare jeans worn with only a 1/2 inch hem from the ground).

Now that I’ve removed some pieces, added some new things, and shuffled a few items around, in my next post I’ll review every item in this capsule wardrobe including the total cost.

Did you have to adjust your Summer Capsule Wardrobe during the season?

And if you missed it, here’s how I originally prepped this capsule wardrobe:



  1. I really love the way you analyze what you’re wearing, and your discipline in getting rid of things that you’re not wearing. A lot of us could learn from your example!

    1. Thanks Janice! I’m a very analytical person so it’s second nature to me. If you like my posts I think you are really going to enjoy my book when it comes out in the fall. And thanks for stopping by! Lisa

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