Going All In or A Gentle Touch — July 4th Edition

July 3, 2017

July 4 outfits

For the Fourth of July will you be Going All In or sporting A Gentle Touch?

On July 4, 1776 13 colonies gathered together to sign the Declaration of Independence, thus severing their political connection to Great Britain.  This was a monumental event.  Selecting what to wear to honor this occasion is not nearly as big of a decision as severing political ties to another country, but it is still a decision that you’ll have to make if you want to sport an outfit for this holiday.

In honor of the Fourth of July tomorrow today’s Going All In and A Gentle Touch outfits use the exact same shorts (the Faded Glory Bermuda shorts are $13.46) for both looks.  Doing so keeps the total price for these options very similar.

The American flag top for the Going All In option is $7.88, bringing the total price of this outfit to $21.34. The blue, red and white top from the A Gentle Touch look is $9.88, bringing the total price of this outfit to $23.34.  That’s only a $2.00 difference between the 2 looks!

How do you pick which one to buy?  That depends on which outfit you like better!  With such a small difference in price between the 2 outfits, cost is not much a factor here.  Instead how patriotic you want to look for Independence Day will be entirely up to what mood you are in.

Going All In or A Gentle Touch

What option did I pick?

July fourth outfit

Red, white, and blue A Gentle Touch outfit for Independence day

I went with A Gentle Touch.  I already have red, white, and blue in my summer capsule wardrobe so putting together a gentle touch outfit was easy for me to do.  Maybe next year I’ll be Going All In instead.

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Would you spend or save on this look?

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