June Recap And Favorite Outfits

June 30, 2017

Summer outfits

Favorite outfits for June

Welcome to my monthly recap of what happened on Shopping Brake, as well as my favorite outfits from Instagram this past month.

The month of June was the start of a new 3 month capsule wardrobe for me, so naturally I spent a fair amount of time talking about prepping my summer capsule wardrobe.  While I do have to dress up in business casual (or even full business, bleh!) clothes occasionally, my daily wardrobe for work is pretty casual and my summer capsule wardrobe reflects this.

The summer months is a great time for weddings and other special occasions.  Here are 3 Ways To Restyle A Wedding Guest Dress to help you get more use out of your purchases.  To honor all of the amazing Father’s out there I talked about my 5 Hot Trends For Summer 2017 — For Men.  I also picked up another one of My Favorite Tank Top and spent some time on the road for work, which had me using a Work Travel Capsule For Summer.

Sometimes the seasons change faster than the human body, and I have a few tricks for Hiding Extra Weight In The Summer. Flowy fabrics, drape fronts, loose knitting, and linen all help to distract the eye from the areas you are trying to hide while keeping your cool when it’s hot outside.

Finally, Shopping Brake’s Project 40 Lifestyle Challenge was announced.  As the name suggests, this a lifestyle challenge.  It is focused on enjoying what I’ve already accomplished as well as a way to appease my analytical and goal oriented nature by giving me something to work on for when I turn 40 years young.

Now onto the outfits from my summer capsule wardrobe!

chino pants outfit summer casual

Casual chinos for summer weekends

Outfit #1-Casual chinos for summer-has quickly become a favorite for running errands on the weekends.

Army jacket outfit

Drapey layers for casual work outfit

Outfit #2-Drapey layers for casual work outfit-is a layered look that continues the green and black theme.

Chino pants outfit summer layered

Layered chinos for casual work

Outfit #3-Layered chinos for casual work-once again features the green chino trousers, this time styled for a casual day at the office with layers to keep me warm in the air conditioning.

cold shoulder top outfit

Summer date night with cold shoulders

Outfit #4-Summer date night with cold shoulders-has me sporting something new I wanted to try this season, cold shoulders and ruffles.  I don’t mind the cold shoulder look for a summer night, but I’m not a ruffles gal so I’ll probably pass on ruffle tops in the future.  I do like how the top matches my Moschino bag though.  🙂

White jeans summer outfit

Floral prints and white denim

Outfit #5-Floral prints and white denim-is another work outfit.  You’ll see these cropped white denim boyfriend jeans a lot on my Instagram and Pinterest pages (where I post my outfits of the day) during the summer.  I adore white denim at this time of year and the looser fit of the boyfriend style is more comfortable to wear than figure hugging denim when it’s hot outside.


Marine blue suit for business travel

Outfit #6-Marine blue suit for business travel-is an outfit of the day while I was on the road for work.  The blue is a refreshing change from the usual black suit.  The trousers are supposed to be cropped, but I’m so short they fell at slightly less than full length.  To give them a cropped look I simply tucked them under.  This material happened to stay in place, but if your hem falls down, simply keep it in place with a safety pin or fabric tape.  Just be sure to remove the pins (or tape) before washing!

Do you have any favorite outfits from the past month?


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