Hiding Extra Weight In The Summer

June 26, 2017


Summertime is here!  But what if your beach body is lagging behind?  Or you’ve simply eaten a little too much during your recent vacation?  The reason why you have weight to hide doesn’t really matter.  What’s important is that you have options in your summer wardrobe that will keep you and most important of all—feeling comfortable.  Here are my 3 favorite ways to hide that extra weight when it’s hot outside:

  1. Drape Fronts and Crochet Details.  Drape front styles with a loose shape will move when you do and are very forgiving placed up against the body.  Plus all the swishing around from the fabric lets air circulate under the layer keeping you cool when the weather outside is anything but.  I recently picked up this drape front army jacket.  It’s a great color to pair with neutrals but more importantly the material is soft and light and it moves beautifully.  Another nice option is a long cardigan, especially a crochet cardigan which features a loose knit.  All of the open weaves will once again let air circulate against your skin.  Mine is from last fall but if I was shopping for a new one, I’d snatch this up.
  2. Sleeveless Cardigans and Vests.  Speaking of crochet and cardigans, I’ve been eyeballing this cardigan which looks more like a vest than a cardigan to me because the sleeves are so short.  You can pair this piece with a short sleeve t-shirt or even a tank top for a layer without a lot of warmth.  And speaking of layering without lots of warmth, a vest is a great option as well.  If my summer capsule wardrobe wasn’t already complete for this season, I’d grab this ombre floral vest because it is just lovely!  Outfits that feature layers will help to hide extra weight and the lack of sleeves will help to keep you cool.
  3. Linen Layers.  As a fabric made with natural fibers and a loose weave, linen is a staple every season in the summer collections.  You do have to be comfortable with the creases and wrinkles that come with sporting linen, but that doesn’t bother me.  When I see linen I automatically think summer!  I have a linen cardigan from last season but if I was adding a new one I’d buy this.  And while I’m not a dress gal myself, I will always appreciate the grab and go dressing you get from sporting a dress.  A shirt dress is an ideal style because it is not form fitting on the body and as with any dress, 1 piece and you are done.

Flowy fabrics, drape fronts, loose knitting, and linen all help to distract the eye from the areas you are trying to hide while keeping your cool when it’s hot outside.

Here are my outfits featuring drape fronts, crochet knits, and linen.


Drapey jacket outfit. Crochet cardigan outfit. Linen cardigan outfit.

Finally, if you’re heading into your cold weather season instead, check-out my post on 3 ways to hide holiday weight gain.

What’s your favorite way to hide a little extra weight when it’s hot outside?

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