My Favorite Tank Top

June 19, 2017

tank top

My favorite tank top is $26 and worth every penny.

A core item in my summer capsule wardrobe every year is a tank top.  I use tank tops to provide coverage for tops that are sheer or have crochet details and would otherwise showcase a bra.  I’ll also layer a tank top to prevent showing off more of the girls than I prefer when tops are cut too low in the front.  And on summer’s hottest days I’ll swap out my t-shirts and knit tops for a tank top as the layering piece paired with my cardigans and light weight jackets.

If you are thinking that it sounds like my tank tops become workhorses in the summer months you would be correct.  And my favorite tank top is this one, at a whopping $26 for ONE tank top!

Why would I spend so much on 1 tank top, when there are cheaper options available?

Because all tank tops are not the same.

The $26 Hinge tank top is my favorite because:

  • It fits true to size
  • The material is super soft
  • The straps are thick enough to cover my bra straps
  • It can handle machine washing (I use a delicate bag and hang dry)
  • The length is long enough to tuck, if needed
  • It doesn’t pill

I do own other tank tops, but I have found that they are not all made the same.  My $8.00 Target tank tops wash and wear like iron, for a little while.  But eventually they start to pill and loose their shape.  Also the material is very thick, which is great in the fall and winter, but not as great in the summer when it’s hot.  I find these work best in winter months paired with low cut, v-neck sweaters, or on their own paired with shorts in the summer months.  These simply do not work well as a layering tank under summer’s sheer, delicate blouses.

target tank top

These $8.00 Target tanks layer good in the winter, but not in the summer.

This season I tried a cheaper option, this one from Walmart, for $3.88.  And it was an epic fail.  These tank tops didn’t hold up very long, even when I machine washed in a delicate bag and hung to dry.  The material is not very thick, I had to go up one size (that’s never fun to do), and it’s not as soft as other tank top options.  In fact, I just removed these from my summer capsule wardrobe and I only created this capsule a few weeks ago and replaced it with a white Hinge tank top instead.

walmart tank top

These $3.88 Walmart tanks didn’t even last 1 month.

The Hinge tanks may be a little pricey, but when I want a tank to layer in the summer months, these are my go to tank tops.

What’s your favorite layering tank for the summer?


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