Prepping A Summer Capsule Wardrobe (Part 1)

June 1, 2017

summer capsule wardrobe prep

According to the summer solstice the official first day of summer for 2017 is June 21.  But for me, it’s the first day of June that signals the start of the season—the “wear my summer capsule wardrobe” season.  During the next 3 months I’ll pull from this capsule wardrobe for my daily outfits.  But before I can start sporting my summer capsule wardrobe first I have to assemble it.  I’m going to prep my wardrobe by following the same 5-steps I used for my spring capsule wardrobe in this post.  Here’s an overview of how I’ll work through this process:

  1. Part One I’ll review, edit, and shop my closet for my summer capsule wardrobe
  2. Part Two I’ll write my shopping list and go shopping for my summer capsule wardrobe
  3. Part Three I’ll review what’s in this capsule wardrobe and pre-plan how to wear some of the new things I’ve added to my summer capsule wardrobe

Now onto the fun!

Part One-Review, Edit, and Shop My Closet

Before I can add anything new to my closet first I have to see what I already own, and identify any wardrobe holes.  Since I already did a large closet edit when I prepped my spring capsule wardrobe this year, for summer I began by reviewing my spring capsule wardrobe.  Anything that I thought I couldn’t use during the summer months was removed and the leftovers remained.

summer capsule wardrobe prep part 1

Summer capsule wardrobe begins with spring capsule leftovers.

After the closet edit I had 12 empty hangers and a completely empty shelf.  My second step was to look at the pieces in the rest of my wardrobe an add them in.  This included clothes that were in last year’s summer capsule wardrobe and items I recently used from when I was packing for a beach getaway.

summer capsule wardrobe prep part 2

Summer capsule wardrobe after shopping my closet.

Now that I’ve added everything I could from my existing closet, I looked for wardrobe holes, the missing pieces my capsule wardrobe is missing to function well.  These holes became the first items for my shopping list.

In my next post I’ll write my shopping list and go shopping for my summer capsule wardrobe.

Interested in reading more about prepping your spring or summer capsule wardrobes?  Here’s what I’ve done in the past to prep my spring and summer capsule wardrobes, as well as what was in my spring capsule wardrobe for this year:

Do you use a capsule wardrobe for the summer season?


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