Floral Blazer Outfits For Spring

May 18, 2017

floral blazer for spring_02

One item in my wardrobe that has been working hard this spring season is my floral print blazer.  The fun print combined with a lighter weight material has made this piece a go to item for my spring outfits.  If you own a floral print blazer, here are 6 outfit options you may want to try out for yourself.

6 ways I’ve worn my floral print blazer for spring:

floral blazer outfits for spring

6 spring outfits with a floral print blazer.

  1. White jeans.  When I think of spring, one of the first items I always reach for is a pair of white jeans to brighten up my outfits.  The pairing of a floral print and white jeans just screams spring to me.
  2. Colored denim.  Denim jeans in colors beyond white, black, and blue have been available in the stores for quite some time now.  The purple jeans here match the purple print in the blazer perfectly, taking my look beyond the basic denim colors while keeping the outfit looking “put together.”  It was one of my favorite outfits for spring.
  3. Column of white.  My love of white jeans in spring doesn’t have to stop with the first outfit.  A column of white let’s the floral print blazer be the star of this look, while giving my white jeans a workout in another spring look.
  4. Shorts.  A random and very warm spring day had me reaching for shorts as fast as I could.  Adding my caged heeled bootie helps amp up the dressy vibe of this outfit.
  5. Bootcut jeans.  The pairing of a blazer and bootcut jeans is has been a core element of my style for years.  No matter what other denim styles are on trend, bootcut jeans always have a place in my wardrobe.  Pairing my bootcut jeans with the floral blazer freshens up the basic outfit formula of a blazer and jeans by adding a nod to the spring season.
  6. Pattern mixing.  The stripes in the top are blue, which match perfectly with the blue color of the blazer, letting me pattern mix with ease.

What’s your favorite spring blazer outfit?

And if you are thinking about buying a floral print blazer for yourself, check out this previous post:

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